• Travel Spotlight: Jordan

    Jordan is one of those fantastic countries that has an excellent balance between both natural and historical attractions. In this part of the Middle East everything is located "close" to one another. … [Read More]

    Travel Spotlight: Jordan
  • Long Weekend in Puerto Rico

    Spend a Long Weekend in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an ideal Caribbean Island for a number of reasons; history - with buildings that date back to the 1520's there is no older "western culture" in the … [Read More]

    Long Weekend in Puerto Rico
  • Undiscovered Brunei

    Brunei Darussalam (meaning an Abode of Peace) is a country that one often cannot even locate on the world map. When I told friends I was coming to Brunei one said "oh, why don't you also visit India … [Read More]

    Undiscovered Brunei
  • Pilots, Amelia Rose Earhart & Patrick Carter

    When we were initially made aware that Amelia Earhart was going to recreate "her" flight around the world in 2014, we thought we had scored the interview of the century. However, we quickly realized … [Read More]

    Pilots, Amelia Rose Earhart & Patrick Carter
  • Unusual, Odd, Uncomfortable or Unique Stays

    Recently I spent a miserable night on the island of Trinidad in a hot vehicle parked in the rainforest with the windows cracked to get some air while fighting a random assortment of biting flying … [Read More]

    Unusual, Odd, Uncomfortable or Unique Stays
  • Escape to Carmel-by-the-Sea

    There’s no place like home, but when a trip is ending, I’m always a little sad unless I’ve got the next excursion in mind. Coming home after almost three weeks of having a fantastic time in the … [Read More]

    Escape to Carmel-by-the-Sea
  • Reflections of Ohrid – Macedonia

    Let us set the scene for your visit - Lake Ohrid, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of Macedonia's true natural gems. Here are the basics: the old town of Ohrid is the place to stay with its … [Read More]

    Reflections of Ohrid – Macedonia
  • Peter Greenberg, The Travel Detective

    Peter Greenberg is one of America's foremost travel correspondents and travel experts. It is admirable what he has accomplished and done for consumers (as well as his valuable contributions within the … [Read More]

    Peter Greenberg, The Travel Detective
  • Hollywood’s Latest Studio Attraction

    The Jeff Probst Show is one of the hottest tickets in Hollywood right now - and for good reason. While no stranger to television, this is five time Emmy award winner Jeff's first television talk show. … [Read More]

    Hollywood’s Latest Studio Attraction
  • Commercial Coffee Production in California?

    Organic farmer, Jay Ruskey has been at the forefront in California of commercially growing exotic and rare fruit species at his farm perched on the side of the Santa Ynez Mountains above Goleta since … [Read More]

    Commercial Coffee Production in California?
  • Greenland – The World’s Coolest Place

    Leaving the comfort of blue skies at 37,000 feet, above a thick cloud layer, we started our slow descent down into Greenland. It was hard to believe that we were actually stopping in Greenland, a … [Read More]

    Greenland – The World’s Coolest Place
  • Ramona Bruland, Adventure, Lifestyle & Adventure TV Host

    While browsing Twitter I stumbled across Ramona's outdoor and adventure accomplishments. Discovering that she is originally from Adelaide and with a recent trip to South Australia including Adelaide, … [Read More]

    Ramona Bruland, Adventure, Lifestyle & Adventure TV Host
  • Tuscan Delights

    When I first married into a Tuscan family, I was stunned at the sheer number of butcher shops that stood under the elegant porticos in Greve-in-Chianti's gracious piazza. This tiny town in the middle … [Read More]

    Tuscan Delights
  • Exploring Local Agritourism in Southern Sweden

    The region of Skåne is Sweden's "breadbasket", a landscape filled with agriculture, both rolling hills and flatlands and is surrounded by the Baltic Sea on three sides. Entry to this region is easy - … [Read More]

    Exploring Local Agritourism in Southern Sweden
  • Huaraz, Peru

    In every inspiring natural creation there is a realism that speaks to you. In every moment on a mountain you find it more and more. You discover yourself in ways not possible through other means. This … [Read More]

    Huaraz, Peru

Above the Clouds

Visa run to Cambodia

My visa within Thailand was expiring in 2 days. Time to make another run for the border. Usually we … [More]

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Indian wedding hindu kuala lumpur
An Indian Wedding at Kuala...

When wandering through temples anywhere in Asia, it’s not unusual to stumble across some sort of … [More]

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Chamonix, France

Chamonix is located in France close to the borders of Italy and Switzerland. Chamonix is located … [More]

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Rolf Potts: Travel Writer &...

Photo courtesy of Rolf PottsRolf has built up an impressive resume during his travel writing career. … [More]

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Saudia Inaugurates Services at LAX,...

(Los Angeles, California – April, 2014) Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia), the flag carrier airline of … [More]

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Victoria Falls - April 2014

Victoria Falls is best seen from both the Zimbabwe and Zambia sides of the river. The Victoria Falls … [More]

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How to Barter for Paradise

How to Barter for Paradise by Michael Wigge Michael Wigge, the man from Germany who pushes the … [More]

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Bluffworks New Generation of Pants

Bluffworks founder Stefan Loble recently reached out to me indicating he had released the next … [More]

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