Jet Extreme Zambia – August 2014

An adventurous man from New Zealand was traveling overland through Southern Africa when he came across the Zambezi River. He never left. This man, "Bottles" now runs Jet Extreme along a remote rugged stretch of the Zambezi River just down from the Mosi-oa-Tunya / Victoria Falls National Park & World Heritage Site. Bottles designed a Cable Car and had a group of International engineers build it and fine tune his designs. The jump off point on the … [Read more...]

More to Augusta, Georgia off the course on The Masters Weekend

Inside the Sacred Heart Cultural Center

Whenever a host city focuses the spotlight on an internationally recognized event, it leaves in the shadows attractions and destinations that define the city every other day of the year. I challenged myself to discover what Augusta, Georgia had to offer off the course on Thursday morning of the Masters weekend. A cab from Augusta National Golf Club to downtown Augusta on Masters weekend meant standardized premium rates: $30 one-way for an … [Read more...]

A Nicaraguan Pirate Story


Chapter I: The Introduction He filled the doorway and peered down at me with eyes the color of the deep blue sea. “You must be Louise” he said, “Come in”. The familiarity startled me a little. It had been one of those weeks where the city water was on for just a few hours a day. Bathing was barely an option. Doing laundry was not. Nothing was clean. Black board shorts and a matching tank top would have to do. The two bus, one van, and one … [Read more...]

Make your travel experience the best ever!


Thinking of travelling? Don’t worry now, as I have something really very special in today’s blog for you. Travelling is the best tension release. Travelling makes me happy and also let me feel lively. I travel to divert my mind and enjoy my life to the fullest. Whether you are thinking of booking a hotel or booking a flight, you can book anything easily online and with the huge amount of savings in your hand. What all you have to do is to use … [Read more...]

A Quick Stopover in Kiev, Ukraine

Cathedral in Pechersk Lavra

These days, with WiFi commonly available while on the go, Independent travel has certainly become "easier". After arriving at the massive central train station in Kiev, I simply typed the words "hotel" and "hostel" in Google maps and immediately a number of properties popped up within walking distance. This can take a bit of "adventure" out of raw Independent travel - simply removing all human contact. I didn't need to try and talk to anyone for … [Read more...]

The Fabled Montropolis is Found: Jackson Hole


In the evolution of a place there is sometimes a waymark between free-spirited childhood and the discreet somberness of maturity. But what if the in-between actually signifies the third point of a classic Hegelian dialectical triangle? A rough and rowdy cowboy town at one point, an overly-wrought sophisticated metropolis at the other, and the third being some subtly unstated “third way” that draws on the contradictory nature of the first two … [Read more...]