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Greetings from Doha, Qatar – Just Another Beautiful Sunny Day

Handsome horse in the stables at Souq Waqif

With no causeway over the open sea yet built between Bahrain and Qatar - the most convenient way between each country is via plane. It is a very short flight - something like 130km with maybe 30 minutes in air. My flight was empty - the few people on this Qatar Airways flight each had their own row as well as several rows of extra empty space around them. We were given little candies upon takeoff. Doha Airport is large, modern, gleaming and … [Read more...]

5 Things Travelers Do Differently From Tourists – And How You Can Change Your Next Trip  

Traveler 1

As we all know, not everyone who ventures beyond their home city or country has the same approach to travel.  Some are tourists and some are travelers. And it’s pretty easy to tell the difference…well, that’s not entirely accurate.  It’s pretty easy to spot a tourist, but the traveler tends to blend in, so you may not even notice he’s there at all. Tourists, you might say, stick to the beaten path and seek the stereotypical.  When they … [Read more...]

Gelato World Tour 2.0


New Gelato Partner for the Second Edition, that will start in Singapore Record requests for participation from Australia for the first stage: 16 gelato artisans in Asia / Pacific in the race for the title of World's Best Gelato Rimini Fiera – The second edition of Gelato World Tour will start in less than days in Singapore making the city state the Gelato Capital of the World for 3 days in March 2015. The event will also be an occasion to … [Read more...]

Diamond Mills: A Luxury Boutique Hotel in the Hudson Valley


Named best boutique hotel in the Hudson Valley for two years in a row, the Diamond Mills Hotel has become THE place to stay for discerning travelers and visitors. Diamond Mills also has a 7000 square foot event space, and has become a popular destination wedding location. Another reason you'll want to book ahead. Cradled between the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River, Diamond Mills Hotel is ideally situated in the historic center of … [Read more...]

An Insiders Perspective: Night tour of Bahrain

bahrain-night-tour (7)

In doing some research prior to my travel to Bahrain I stumbled upon a website advertising private tours. I emailed the owner, Hanan (she no longer offers tours) but she kindly agreed to meetup after work. This was a real insiders tour from someone who grew up in Bahrain and knows the island extremely well. Her diversity of interests, local knowledge and passion for both travel and for Bahrain were clearly evident. We immediately drove to some … [Read more...]

5 Affordable Ski Holidays in Europe


Ski season is already under way tempting passionate skiers worldwide to the snowy slopes of the most popular resorts in the Alps. Those of you who have already spent a few seasons skiing in award-winning ski tourist hotspots know that a weekend’s holiday may be financially draining. To those who are planning their first ski trip, the grand total in most ski resorts across Europe may seem daunting and worth giving up on the whole idea. However, … [Read more...]

The Global Scavenger Hunt Entry Deadline Nears


The 2015 Travel World Championship EventEntry Deadline Approaches SANTA MONICA, USA The deadline to enter the 2015 edition of the travel world championship, The Global Scavenger Hunt, is February 1st with only a few spots open for those wanting to compete for “The World’s Greatest Travelers” title and trophy--and chance to earn a free trip around the world with their triumph. Serious travelers are a competitive breed, … [Read more...]

Visiting the United States of America, Where to start?


As with other large countries, a visit to the USA can be daunting. Distances are great, attractions numerous, there are plenty of events to partake in regardless of the time of year and due to its size weather can sometimes be a concern. Check out this post on experiencing luxury during your New York vacation. In my opinion quality always trumps quantity when traveling and because of America's large size I recommend visiting specific parts of … [Read more...]

Gliding to Confidence in Hocking Hills, Ohio


One of my favorite activities is hiking, yet I’m afraid of heights. I love trying different modes of transportation in my explorations, but I’ve been seasick on whale watching trips and catamaran booze cruises. While I’m a huge fan of beautiful views, driving in elevation, particularly if the roads wind and twist, tends to make me carsick. I generally feel colder than everyone else around me. To function at an optimal level, I need to eat more, … [Read more...]

Tiny Al Dar Islands, Bahrain

al-dar-islands-bahrain (5)

Looking to capitalize on some unseasonably December weather in Bahrain I decided to make a day trip from Manama to the tiny Dar Islands, just off the coast of an industrial section of the country called Sitra. You come to these islands for relaxing and to enjoy the water - taking breaks from the searingly intense summer heat. A variety of activities are offered - including diving for pearls, kayaking and snorkeling. And there is a special … [Read more...]