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Home-stay in Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan

homestay (2)

I always enjoy the "real" aspect of living as the locals live - having done home stay in various countries around the world. Before setting out on a 5 day trek into the Tian Shan Mountains of northern Kyrgyzstan, I stopped by the Shepherd's Life tourism office to make trekking arrangements. They also recommended a nearby family who rents out rooms. This elderly couple speak no English - we communicated via a few words in German, Russian and … [Read more...]

A Trip up the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle

Mile 1, Welcome to the Dalton Highway!

We pulled out of Fairbanks at 7am sharp - under grey skies with a promise from the clouds of rain to come. It has been raining here the past few weeks and is an unusually rainy June. The clear and warmer weather is forecast to begin in a few days, after we have left. Today it was a trip up the famous Dalton Highway, a series of graded dirt and partial pavement at times road that heads north to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay, both located almost within … [Read more...]

4 Water Sports to Experience on an Active Holiday


An activity holiday provides a great opportunity to try out some extreme sports that are not so easily accessible at home, with water based activities also being perfect for beginners to try. We have listed four water sports to give holidaymakers of all expertise an adrenaline rush and a brand new experience. Flyboarding Flyboarding propels the user up to 6m out of the water using jets of water that shoot from near the hands and feet. … [Read more...]

Start Building a Bucket List For 2015. Consider these!

Yurts, Song-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

It is never to late to build your personal bucket list - creating a list of must do activities and experiences. Our motto as it relates to travel is, "do it while you can", and it now the perfect time to start planning some trips and experiences for 2015. One company, Contiki Tours offers a number of worldwide based activities and experiences for those in the 18-35 range. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Climb a Mountain - choose … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Prepare For A Holiday of a Lifetime to Australia


Travelling to Australia truly is the trip of a lifetime for many, an experience never to be forgotten. Here are five tips to help you prepare for a holiday to Australia and to make your time spent there go as smoothly as possible. Visa and Vaccinations Everyone who visits Australia, even for a short stay needs to get a visa before travelling. There are a number of different options available, depending if your reason for visiting is for a … [Read more...]

“Dracula Untold” Maze at Universal Studios Halloween HorrorNights


Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort Sink Their Teeth into “Dracula Untold,” a Terrifying New “Halloween Horror Nights” Maze Inspired By Universal Pictures’ Upcoming Epic Action-Adventure ORLANDO, Fla., UNIVERSAL CITY, Ca., (Sept 20, 2014) — Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort breathe new life into history’s most notorious vampire, Vlad Tepes, the real life 13th century ruler and inspiration for Bram … [Read more...]

No Rest for the Weary – Trekking in Ala Archa, Kyrgyzstan

The beautiful Ala Archa River

Armed with a variety of informative paragraphs gleaned from Goats on the Road, A Monk Bought Lunch, Backpacking Man and Wandering Earl and not much else in the way of plans we set off to explore the beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan. After 36 hours of planes and airports I landed in the warm air and darkness of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan at 5am. Hopping into a taxi where I was treated to music from the band Abba, silence from the driver after … [Read more...]

A Sea to Sky Journey, Vancouver to Banff with Rocky Mountaineer


In nearly 25 short years the Rocky Mountaineer has created a memorable experience incorporating some of the Rocky Mountain's finest scenery. A trip on the rails is one to enjoy, savor and spend quality time with loved ones - a chance to truly escape from the hectic fast paced life of the "real world". Few train rides on the planet can deliver such inspiring and jaw dropping vistas as the Rocky Mountaineer. The train follows historical railways to … [Read more...]

13th Annual Galbani® Cheese Italian Feast of San Gennaro, Los Angeles


13th Annual Galbani® Cheese Italian Feast of San Gennaro, Los Angeles September 26–28, 2014 Celebrating Italian Culture - three days of music, food, wine, rides and games Community festival returns to its root Hollywood, September 10, 2014 (www.feastofla.com) – The 13th Annual Galbani® Cheese Italian Feast of San Gennaro, Los Angeles takes over Hollywood from September 26-28 with their annual street festival, celebrating everything that it … [Read more...]

Planning a Sea, Sun and Sand Vacation in Panama City Beach

An ideal spot on Panama City Beach for some rest and relaxation

I have been fortunate to have visited Florida a number of times - sunshine, warm temperatures and the fact the state is ground zero for tropical fruit in the lower 48 has always appealed to me. My first Florida experience was perhaps not the norm - during college we transported a solar car we built in California to the East Coast for a race and then ultimately down to Florida. Camping in July in the middle of the Everglades surrounded by clouds … [Read more...]