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Antiquing & Wine Tasting in Shenyang

Today was another fun filled day in Shenyang. The group that is hosting us owns a number of incredible antique stores – featuring some of China’s finest wood furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties. A couple of pieces certainly stand out: the largest ancient sandalwood closet in all of China, an amazing large piece of amber with a million year old scorpion preserved perfectly inside, and a huge quartz crystal rock with a number of partially formed quartz crystals inside as well as water inside the rock that moves back and forth when you shake it!

Some of the pieces were several million US dollars – many were in the hundreds of thousands. This was better than a museum!

Later in the day we went into the countryside and visited a massive four story wine shop and hospitality center where we enjoyed a number of wines we brought from the Napa Valley as well as a 7 course dinner! Check out the photos!


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