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Hollywood’s Latest Studio Attraction

NOTE: this show was canceled in early 2013 – however you can still read about our experiences below as an audience member.

The Jeff Probst Show is one of the hottest tickets in Hollywood right now – and for good reason. While no stranger to television, this is five time Emmy award winner Jeff’s first television talk show. Jeff is an engaging host – and his show features interesting people with inspirational stories.

Jeff knows a happy audience brings more life to his shows. How many TV shows simply have their audiences stand outside – or hang out in a dull “green room” before bringing them in to the studio? Not so with Jeff’s show – his “party room” is the fun room – the place to be and be seen before the show. Here audience members can enjoy free drinks, snacks, Internet stations, and even a hairstyle and makeup makeover before watching the show live. Yes, it is TV and you want to look good!

Oh and and the best part – free use of the massage chairs!

Judging from the long line to get into the photo booth – this is also a very popular pre-show activity.

You will recognize Jeff from the popular television show, Survivor. He has hosted that show since 2000. This is certainly an enviable job that has brought Jeff to all corners of the globe. In September 2012 he premiered the Jeff Probst show which features prominent guests including a number of well-known celebrities…names quickly recognizable such as Hugh Jackman, Oliver Platt, Danica Patrick, Mark Cuban etc.
Jeff also focuses on guests who live their lives to the fullest – his personal philosophy is “the adventure you’re ready for is the one you get!” Sounds like a true “survivor!”

Before the show we talked with some in the audience – many were from Southern California but for this big “Survivor Series” a number of people had flown in from other parts of the country. All were huge Survivor fans. One of the show’s biggest fans, Mike Burger showed up and during the filming of the show was called up to answer a number of Survivor trivia questions. This guy is a trivia master – easily answering questions about who was knocked off the show in any particular series as well as providing details about specific episodes.

If you’ve never participated in the audience for a daytime talk show this is a good one to start with. It is a friendly, welcoming environment where the audience is truly appreciated.

The studio is intimate – seating about 140 audience members – there are no bad seats here. Parking is complimentary valet on the studio lot.

To participate either as a guest of the show or as an audience member visit www.jeffprobst.com and click the appropriate link. Reservations must be made ahead of time – and popular guests often ensure a quick sellout of available seats.

Prior to the taping we mingled with the audience in the Party Room. We interviewed Mike (the Survivor trivia genius), Dana Leavitt who is the supervising producer running the “party room” and several other Survivor aficionados – here are some photos from this episode (December 6, 2012 – 1:30pm taping).



  1. “…hairstyle and makeup makeover & free use of the massage chairs!” that must be so cool!
    Don’t know how we missed it when we visited Hollywood last year!

  2. Hi Bassel/Ariane – yes, there is always “more” to do in Hollywood! The latest show, restaurant, attraction etc. You will have to come back and I can give you the insiders tour of Los Angeles :)

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