Belgrade Serbia -September 2013

Belgrade is certainly worth visiting for a number of reasons. It can be a party town for some with its floating night clubs and other late night hangouts and for others its about the history. The city holds the world’s largest Orthodox Church. Two other must see highlights include the very popular Knez Mihailova Street (lots of shops and very crowded in the summer) and the Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fort which offers a look back into Belgrade’s history as well as an overlook onto contemporary Belgrade.

Another highlight is the Nikola Tesla Museum. It is a small museum which really comes to life during one of the guided tours. A number of the models and exhibits “work” and are activated during the tour. A Tesla coil is one of the highlights and when activated throws an exciting purplish electric spark. Tesla is one of the world’s great scientific minds – the man is an under-appreciated genius whose inventions and ideas have profoundly changed the lives of millions of people. The world’s first remote controlled device is on display – a boat that was first shown to the public in New York’s Central Park. The remote control box is nearly as large as the giant boat it powers! For more information visit: www.tesla-museum.or



  1. Great tips! Coincidentally my husband just arrived in Belgrade for a business trip yesterday and was wondering what cool things he could pop in to see while he’s there.

  2. Good timing! Yea I would like to get back to the Tesla Museum – that place was pretty neat!

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