Experience Swaziland – May 2014

Swaziland is the smallest country in the Southern Hemisphere – but small does not mean “little to do and see”. The eastern part of the country is little developed and populated while most of the people live in and around Mbane and Manzini. Old is a key description of the landscape here. Remnants of the oldest living organism on the planet have been found in the country – blue green algae dating back 3.5 billion years ago, a mere billion years after the planet was actually formed. The oldest mine in the world exists here – 43,000 years ago evidence shows man mined hematite and other materials. Hlwane National Park is worth a visit and a drive through many of its dirt roads – as it is a great place to see a number of Africa’s most famous animals including many elephant. The Ezulwini Valley near the capital city of Mbane is a popular tourist destination with a famous casino, number of lodges, beautiful scenery and even a hot spring/spa. In the northern part of the country you could be in the highlands of Hawaii, or along California’s central coast with its green rolling hills. Swaziland is well known for its crafts and along some of the roads you might see stone carvers exhibiting their wares. Visit: www.welcometoswaziland.com

A couple of nice lodges we personally stayed at are the following:

Malandelas B&B is located in the countryside – not that far from the city of Manzini and the Ezulwini Valley. This restored English Farmhouse has a nice pool, Internet Cafe, relaxing gardens, a restaurant and a shop with local handicrafts. This is an easy place to just hang out an relax for a while!

Nisela Safari Lodge is located right in the middle of the bush in Eastern Swaziland – it doesn’t get any more remote than this! Stand alone suites and or traditional Swazi style accommodation are available (round, thatched roofs with extremely small doors) www.niselasafaris.com



  1. Nisela Safari Lodge was really interesting. The shape made think that sleeping there is one of my dream. Speaking of lodges or houses, Bohol, Philippines also have a houses that’s not popular for us, and we call that Nipa House.

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