Great Pyramids of Egypt – August 2013

The great pyramids of Egypt are located on the outskirts of Cairo in the area of Giza. Cairo has Africa’s only metro; while it doesn’t run all the way to the pyramids you can take it to the Giza stop and then catch a bus to near the main entrance. Some great monuments may disappoint when you see them in person – absolutely not the great pyramids. They tower above everything; from the top of the Cairo Tower in Cairo (20+ miles away) they loom above all the smog and haze that Cairo is known for and look like small mountains. For nearly 4000 years they were the tallest man made structures in the world. The amount of man power to create and move all the giant blocks of rock is mind boggling. The pyramids are the last of the 7 great wonders of the ancient world and are by far the oldest of these 7 wonders.

Consider attending the light show at night. This lasts about 45 minutes and involves stories and sound that light up the pyramids and the Sphinx. We highly recommend paying a little more for the VIP tickets which gives you access to the front row seats (especially if you are taking photos).

Most tourists visit the pyramids with tour groups. In relation there are very few independent travelers. Once here be careful of not giving your camera to any of the locals to take your picture – be very wary of *anything* the locals tell you as in our experience they will lie or tell you anything to try and get your money (these are the people that hang around the pyramids trying to cheat tourists). For more information visit: www.gizapyramids.org



  1. It’s my dream to one day visit the great pyramids of Egypt – it’s been at the top of my bucket list since I was 8 years old.

  2. Emily – they are beautiful in photographs – but really their power is truly felt when you visit in person. The last of the world’s great monuments still stands – these stood as the highest human made structures in the world for so many years.

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