Kon Tiki Museum, Oslo Norway – December 2013

The Kon Tiki Museum in Oslo Norway is a tribute and summary of International explorer Thor Heyderhahl’s life. Thor and his crews sailed the world in primitive vessels to prove that during ancient times people could have crossed the oceans and settled “new” lands. The original vessels that Thor sailed are on display in the museum including the famous Kon-Tiki balsa raft that Thor built from natural resources in Peru. He and his crew sailed from Callao (Lima) to the South Pacific, crash landing through the breakers on the Tuomoto Islands in 1947. This journey was celebrated by Thor in a book he wrote (translated in over 70 languages) and a film he directed which won an Oscar award in 1951 for best documentary. The name of the raft spawned Tiki Bars and Tiki resorts world wide.

The museum celebrates his life and his accomplishments. Exhibits cover each of his major expeditions, show artifacts and explore his theories about human migration. Thor was not only a sailor but an archeologist and adventurer – with archeological expeditions in Easter Island, Peru and the Maldives.

The museum is located about 15-20 minutes from the city center in an area of the city called Bygdoy – you can get here by either bus or boat. Allow at least an hour here. For more information visit: www.kon-tiki.no



  1. sanchezmark says:

    We were just in Oslo but missed seeing the Kon Tiki museum – mostly because our stay was so short. I have seen the movie though! Sound like a really interesting experience and tour – thanks for sharing it.

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