Lek and Rut Seafood, Bangkok – January 2014

A dining experience here is as pure and raw a street dining as you will find in Bangkok. This restaurant is located in the middle of Bangkok’s Chinatown and is open daily from 6pm to 3am. On Friday or weekend nights this place is packed and people mill around just waiting to get a seat. It can stay totally full until at least 11pm when the crowds start thinning somewhat. This is not high society (hi so) dining – rather you sit on metal tables right on the street, with all sorts of traffic buzzing right by you – or as the case typically is in Chinatown, barely moving at all! Beggars may stop by to request money and or vendors. However this chaotic atmosphere is part of the experience! Oh, and of course the seafood. Their most popular tasty items are the large prawns with spicy dipping sauce, crab, in shell scallops/pork and the steamed fish. Be sure to order some beer to! Located on the corner of Yaowarat & Soi Texas. Note a number of other small street-side restaurants are located here and Rut and Lek is by no means the only crowded restaurant here!



  1. Good one Dave, i think Thailand serves cheap seafood with great taste:)

    Simon Lee

  2. Yes it does! I asked Rolf Potts for a recommendation in Bangkok – and he mentioned Lek & Rut – finally got to try it last year :) It did not disappoint!

  3. Lukasz Basisty says:

    Anyone who has visited Thailand, the trip is incomplete unless he/she tastes the exquisite Thai seafood. Thai cuisine is famous all across the globe for their freshness and fabulous taste, so if you are in Thailand, it will absolutely silly to miss the great food the country has to offer. Thai seafood is the delight for every seafood lover. Moreover, there is no doubt about the freshness of the ingredients as most of the authentic Thai food shops prepare the food in open kitchens.

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