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Fashion in Paris

The city of lights has always been an important player in the pompous fashion world. Top fashion designers exhibit their best masterpieces in Paris, while attracting fashion professionals and tourists from every corner of earth. Similarly, people who are looking to purchase a successful career in arts and fashion, find in the capital of France the perfect place to study and introduce themselves in this prestigious and competitive world.

When staying in a holiday apartments in Paris, you will have access to a vast variety of Fashion events including, catwalks, expositions, parties and fashion shows, where all the celebrities and designers gather in the most famous trade event in fashion industry. Shoes, handbags, hat, jewelry and cosmetics are only some few examples of the products that are being trade during this kind of events. However the contribution that France has made to fashion is way beyond these prestigious events.

Prominent people like Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel influenced women’s fashion to the prestigious and glamorous stage that we know it today.

Huge transformations in the society along the 20th century including the abolition of the corset, the women’s possibility to ride horses and their integration to the world of work, were the opportunities that Coco Chanel took advantage of, to make important contributions to fashion; like the introduction of skirt suits, the change of big hats for small and discreet ones with the arrival of cinemas, imposition of black as an elegant color and the introduction of imitation jewelry with the intention of giving the opportunity to all women to have access to fashion, transformed radically the way fashion is perceived nowadays.

With a huge appreciation for aesthetics, Christian Dior appears in the fashion scene founding one of the top fashion houses in the world in 1946. Famous for the hope that he brought to people through his fashion designs after the Second World War, when the military fashion was the only way of dressing, he introduced elegant and pompous sequins dresses and jackets with shoulder pads, while highlighting the feminine side of women and making sexuality an important ingredient of the society that lost faith, while evoking the better times that Europe had before the war.

The important contribution that “Coco” Chanel and Christian Dior gave to the fashion world, allowed new designers to come out and show their designs. People like Jean Paul Gaultier, director of Hermes have been going further in their legacy, while gaining international fame for his innovative creations and writing the guidelines of international fashion, not even mentioning the countless famous and new designers, including a huge amount of young independent designers that create the mainstream of world’s fashion and who are a very important piece for the whole system.

With all this aesthetics and fashion that surrounds you in the city of lights, which could be also called the fashion city, it makes a lot of sense to rent Paris apartments next to the most important fashion streets of the city and enjoy shopping at the very core of the European fashion world.

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