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Lisbon – the best summer and winter holiday destination

Apart of being the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is the largest city in the country. Visiting Lisbon is a second to none experience, even if you do not have a clear sightseeing plan to follow, the city will take you around its beautiful churches, palaces, historical streets, monuments and fantastic cultural places, including its rich museums; not even mentioning its seven breathtaking hills that adorn the city as a crown on the head of a king.

Lisbon is a very unique city, not only because it has access to coastline and a river (Atlantic coast and the Tagus river), but also because it is one of the oldest cities in the world.

The incredibly convenient weather that Lisbon enjoys, is probably one of the best features of the city. Bright summer days with blue skies and the fabulous warm breeze of the Atlantic, is something that only a city like Lisbon has the possibility to offer its visitors. Warm winter holidays are also possible here, the weather is so perfect, that surely will make you feel so tempted to buy a property on the coast and enjoy never ending sunrises with family and friends at the comfort of your own Lisbon apartments .

Millions of tourists come to Lisbon every year to enjoy the spectacular view of the Vasco da Gama bridge (Ponte Vasco da Gama), which is the longest bridge in Europe and the ninth in the world. This 17,2-kilometers construction was inaugurated in 1998, same year of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of sea route from Europe to India by Vasco da Gama. There is also the monument of Christ the King (Cristo Rei), which was constructed in honor to Jesus Christ as thanksgiving for keeping Portugal aside from the wars; It is located on the bank of the Targus River and overlooks the city as it is blessing all the time its inhabitants.

The cultural scene in Lisbon is very active and with a great number of places to enjoy: Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, the Opera House of Lisbon, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Museu Nacional do Traje e da Moda and the Museu do Azulejo among many others that offer a very varied cultural agenda.

Among sports we can highlight the obvious passion for football soccer that all Portuguese people have in their blood, but also Lisbon is a second to none destination for golf due to the perfect weather with extended hours of sunshine the city has access to; the city was even awarded by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators IAGTO with the Best European Golf Destination in 2007.

Lisbon, as a very famous touristic destination, offers a wide range of accommodation, including hotels, villas, hostels and holiday apartments. However, holiday apartments in Lisbon are probably the most exciting ways of spending your vacations in the city, not only because you will actually have the experience of living as a local, but also because you will feel like at home with all the flexibility to cook and invite your friends for a glass of Portuguese wine.

Lisbon, a city adorned by seven breathtaking hills will make your next holiday an experience to remember.

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