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Resources for the Group Travel industry.
updated Guidebooks (33)
These travel guide book publishing companies.
Travel in style and protect your head with these products.
Immunization and vaccination information as well as health profiles of individual countries
Put your feet to work and do the walking along these 'hiking' related sites.
Save money - exchange homes or apartments when you travel.
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Browse these websites in regards to planning your honeymoon and ideal honeymoon locations.
Some of the resources behind the consumer & business travel industry. Marketing, Social Media, Travel Industry News
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Find International hostels. Individual hostels are not listed here. Please list individual hostels under their respective countries. Also visit our Student Travel Section
Your guide to National and International Hot Springs.
These sites focus on hotel bookings with additional travel information. If you own a hotel and its not a chain, please post it in our Country Specific Pages
Also visit our Hotel Directories for booking your own hotels
Choose from our list of ice climbing routes, guides, and general ice climbing resources.
updated Insects (6)
Insect Repellent - need help planning what type of insect repellent to take with you when you travel - visit some of these sites for more info
These are travel sites that are inspirational, often involving journeys that overcome difficult and unusual situtations.
These are companies that specialize in travel to a variety of international island locations. Individual island destinations are posted under their respective country links, NOT here.
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Stop Jetlag. Suffering from this well known problem? Visit these Jet Lag related links first.
Looking for action and adventure in tourism related fields? Check out these travel job resources.
Read travel journals and reviews written by fellow travelers. Also visit our Travel Writers page
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