superhero travel quiz

Woman-SuperheroAre you a super hero of traveling? Take our travel quiz below to find out! Choose only one answer per question and choose the best answer to each question. There are two sections to this quiz;  General/Geography and Personality. The answers sheet is scored based upon your scores from each of these two sections. Good Luck!

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General & Geography Section

1. A Dhow is...

A type of beverage served in the Herat-Farah Lowlands of Afghanistan.
Communication device
Any of various types of sailing vessels used by Arabs on the east African, Arabian, and Indian coasts.
A technical term in the airline industry - a type of airline ticket.

2. Tony Wheeler is most famous for...

Winning CBS's Amazing Race in 2005.
Being the Founder of Lonely Planet
Offering low cost consolidator airline tickets
Being the founder of Jet Blue airlines

3. A Tuk-Tuk is a...

Three wheeled motorized vehicle commonly used in Thailand and other SE Asian countries
A type of roller blade with an extra side wheel
A type of caravan, typically found in East African countries
Train in India the travels between New Dehli and the Taj Mahal in Agra

4. You are in a Central American country and all you have are Lempiras in your pocket. What country has this as their unit of currency?

El Salvador
Costa Rica

5. Bhutan is a country in which continent?

South America

6. The capital city of Namibia is...


7. Austria borders at least which of the following countries?

Turkey, Germany & Switzerland
Germany, Switzerland & Slovenia
Italy, Germany & Bulgaria
Lichtenstein, France & Romania

8. What is the second tallest mountain in North America?

Citlaltepetl (Orizaba), Mexico
Mt. McKinley, USA
Mt. Whitney, USA
Mt. Logan Canada

9. What is the name of the huge river that starts in the Andes Mountains and ends in the Atlantic Ocean?


10. If you head west from Saudi Arabia what Sea will you invariably have to cross...

Black Sea
Red Sea
Dead Sea
Caspian Sea

Personality Section

1. When packing for an International trip do you...

Wait until the last minute
Start packing weeks before

2. When packing for an International trip, which one of the following are you closer to?

Someone who takes as much as you can - often carrying multiple suitcases.
A Minimalist. Carrying just what you need to get by

3. What type of traveler are you?

Enjoy traveling with a group.
Enjoy solo travel.
Enjoy traveling with just a few friends.

4. Are you afraid of flying in airplanes?

A little

5. Will you try food that is "foreign" to you such as, Beetles, Snakes, Bugs, Spiders, Bat, etc? Some of these aforementioned foods are common in certain countries.


6. Do your normal International trips take you off the "beaten path" or do you stick to popular well-known tourist destinations?

Off Beaten Path
Popular Destinations

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