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Eagle Creek 4-Wheeled Upright

eagle-creek-carryon (2)Eagle Creek recently reached out with some products to review – and also donated several prizes for our annual travel writing contest. I’ve been familiar with a number of their products for many years – one of my go to Eagle Creek products that I always take with me on International travels is my trusted money belt. I’ve had this for years and have worn it on all my International travels.

I’m always on the lookout for durable luggage – something that can hold up to the rigors of International travel – especially the wheels which are always subject to additional hardships (think cracked sidewalks and dusty roads somewhere in South East Asia on the way to a guesthouse). I don’t like flimsy wheels – along with zippers, they are always the first thing to go on luggage that isn’t built to last. The wheels on this are fairly heavy duty and multi-directional – no stuck wheels here.

I recently had a chance to test drive this in the Canadian Rockies. The wheels held up great as we hauled it down plenty of rocky steps during our trip. It is the little features that add up. I always appreciate luggage that can be expandable. The main compartment expands for additional packing space. Grips allow for carrying either on top or on the side. Two padded compression wings are inside the main compartment which can help isolate clothing from other packables. Also the built in flexi pull -out luggage tag attached by an elastic band is a nice feature.

The zippers have holes for locks – and clickable straps are available to help cinch the bag down tighter if needed.

And I like this orange color – it stands out a bit from the ubiquitous black that you commonly see on luggage belts at airports and in hotels!

Weight: 7lbs 13oz or 3.54kg. Plenty of size but small enough to carry on a plane.

Their “No Matter What” warranty is for the lifetime of the product.



  1. Michael Zullo says:

    Good report about Eagle Creek luggage. We prefer Samsonite mostly because it has held up the best since we’ve been on the road for over 6 years traveling worlwide, touching on all 7 Continents. However, we always have our eye open for durable luggage with strong wheels as we haul 3 large suitcases and 2 carry-on’s (enough clothes for 4 seasons). So, we’ll check out Eagle Creeks carry-on piece since 1 of ours needs to be replaced soon and hope for the best that it complies with Delta Airlines’ crack down on carry-on’s.

  2. Michael – Samsonite is another brand that I’ve heard good things about re durability. I haven’t yet tried out their product though. On a side note, your 6 years of traveling sounds awesome! I hope to get to Antarctica at some point – the last continent I have yet to visit.

  3. It’s weird they gave you that orange color. That is being discontinued and in many spots no longer available. What bugs me about the bag you reviewed is that the Medium size folder doesn’t fit so nicely when packed out in that front flap. I prefer the Tarmac AWD. I’ve had it since last year and love it.

  4. Angel – thanks for the notes and comments. I actually requested the orange bag as it does stand out which I like – I see too many grey and black bags out there! Good to hear about the Tarmac AWD, I wasn’t familiar with that one.

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