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| Alaska Air, Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport

  Alaska Air offers 3x/day flights to Los Angeles and 2x/day to Seattle, 1x/day to Portland and now 1x/day to San Diego. Demand is there, as the flight schedules keeps increasing and improving! West to East coast flights down the line???

Daily Flight Schedule *

Santa Rosa to LAX LAX to Santa Rosa
Depart: 6:30am Arrive 8:05am Depart: 8:40am Arrive: 10:15am
Depart: 1:45pm Arrive 3:22pm Depart: 11:40am    Arrive: 1:14pm
Depart: 6:05pm Arrive: 7:41pm Depart: 7:40am Arrive: 9:12pm
Santa Rosa to Seattle Seattle to Santa Rosa
Depart: 10:45am Arrive: 12:51pm Depart: 3:20pm Arrive: 5:29pm
Depart: 1:45pm Arrive: 3:55pm **  
Santa Rosa to Portland Portland to Santa Rosa
Depart: 11:50am Arrive: 1:32pm Depart: 2:20pm Arrive: 4:03pm
Santa Rosa to San Diego San Diego to Santa Rosa
Depart: 4:35pm Arrive: 6:20pm Depart: 9:35pm Arrive: 11:19am

* Last updated 7/18/13 - Check airline for most up-to-date schedules      ** Seasonal         

Photos Horizon/Alaska Air Tour, Sonoma County Airport

The following photos were taken when Horizon first came to Charles M. Schulz
Museum and opened their doors for a public tour.