Hi! I’m Dave, founder of Dave’s Travel Corner. Over the past 18+ years our core focus has been promoting experiential travel; our readers are actively interested in a wide range of travel experiences across a variety of budgets. I began Dave’s Travel Corner in late 1996 as a result of of a life-changing trip to Nepal in which I trekked near Everest Base Camp. I began writing a journal while I was on the trip and it was the notes from this journal that became the foundation for Dave’s Travel Corner.

While one might assume I would have been completely turned off by travel after becoming deathly ill and needing to be carried down a mountain all day on a woman’s back to a lower elevation (due to severe weakness and complete inability to walk), this trip had the opposite effect. It was my first trip to a part of the world that wasn’t western centric and my eyes were opened by authentic experiences, culture, food and the massiveness and sheer beauty of the world’s greatest mountains. I wanted more of this in a big way. The site helped combine my new found interest in travel, a long time love of writing and photography as well as my interest at that time in the fledgling Internet world.

That particular trek is covered in more detail here.

TripBase says: "His own writing is a master class in good travel journalism, but his greatest gift to us is the aforementioned Dave’s Travel Corner. It’s a site renowned for its excellence and something every travel junky should visit and, subsequently, become lost in."

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Working Together

Do you represent an airline, travel magazine, tourism board or region? Interested in having Dave’s Travel Corner highlight your region or brand? Let us know; we can discuss potential interests. We have covered a wide range of travel topics on this site for many years and have a variety of ways we can highlight content including but not limited to: an article linked directly from our homepage, postings on our Above the Clouds blog, Journals, Resources (travel links directory), Photo and Video galleries and social media outreach. We also have a number of other outlets we contribute content to.

We use a combination of social media platforms, written content, photography and videos to promote your brand or location. Our contributors come from various backgrounds, live in a variety of regions and have their own contacts, outlets and publications they write for. Our social media presence continues to increase and the site has a strong following across Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and other mainstream social media channels. More information is listed in our Media Kit.

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Personal & Favorite Quotes

In every inspiring natural creation there is a realism that speaks to you. In every moment on a mountain you find it more and more. You discover yourself in ways not possible through other means. This stays with you and guides you for the rest of your life. May everyone have this chance at least once.The Inspiration for why we Climb

Ownership of most things is overrated. Ownership of worldly experiences is not.

~ 1/3 of the world eats with utensils, 1/3 of the world eats with chopsticks and 1/3 of the world eats with their hands. ~ Unknown

Perspective is the most important word in travel. Sometimes those who grow up in an urban environment don’t have the perspective that one has who grows up in the country and vice versa. Both perspectives are equally important and a person who deeply understands both and is comfortable in both environments is exceedingly rare.

Waterfalls are like freeways – the bigger the better. I love the power both radiate.

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm“.
~ Sir Winston Churchill

Make your travels as experiential as possible – do things that are not part of your daily life. Go out of your way to embrace the assault on your senses that only International travel can deliver.

Those who push the limits will Discover; Sometimes, the limits push back” ~ Chasing Mavericks 2012