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Lets do it! Enjoying Bermuda

We descended quickly through the clouds breaking out of the sky to views of gorgeous aquamarine waters and darker beds of corral below us. This is Bermuda – a tiny 21 mile long tiny island in the general shape of a fish hook, situated all by itself in the North Atlantic. With a geographical location of 32 degrees and being among the gulf stream the island benefits from rather mild temperatures in the winter – and warm moderate temperatures in the summer months. I was more than ready to take advantage of these moderate conditions.

Prior to my trip I had heard about a select few items relating to Bermuda. The Bermuda Triangle was my friends and family’s greatest and most oft used statement to me before the trip “don’t fall into the triangle”. “Ha ha”, they would laugh and then feebly give me additional warnings about this special triangle. I also was aware of Bermuda Grass and Bermuda Shorts. And of course the Bermuda Pink Sand Beaches. And it was those beaches I had specifically come for.

Staying at the Fairmont Princes Hamilton was convenient – we had use of the ferry that travels the 30 minutes to their other property, the Fairmont Southampton. And that side of the island certainly has its share of pink sand beaches including one of the often top voted beaches in the world, Horseshoe Bay. Horseshoe Bay was crowded. I’m not into crowds on the beach. Making a beeline to the Fairmont’s private beach I sunned in the shade for a few minutes and then said I really need to get into that aquamarine water in a bad way.

Mark the owner of the water sports shop on site was a genuine sort – helpful and full of useful thoughts for going into the water. Seeing a jellyfish warning sign the fear began to sink in, but then Mark made a bold promise “you will not be stung by a jellyfish on my watch”. I was truly grateful and the fear slipped out of the gut as easily and quickly as a Rum Swizzle goes down the gullet.

I had always wanted to paddle board. Here was paddle boarding for dummies. Their over sized sturdy paddle boards allow even those who have been spun around multiple times or have bad physical coordination to stand on top. A new friend, Lesley who runs Bucket List Publications was also enjoying her time on the island and is responsible for the action photograph of yours truly.

Later I was to find out about the drinks of the island, the Rum Swizzle (quite fruity) and the Dark and Stormy – a bit more complex of a drink – brooding and mysterious at the same time. A stop towards the end of our trip was at Swizzle Inn. Our taxi driver had warned us that they were among the strongest of the swizzles on the island. He told us, “their swizzles are strong enough to elevate you to any level that you want to be at”. I learned from a random follower on Twitter, that this is a place where you “swizzle inn, but stagger out”!



  1. For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to do an island-hopping trip. Bermuda is on that list because it seems so secluded from the world. And those pink sand beaches sound awesome! How pretty. =)

  2. Yes, I read that Bermuda (depending on which list you read) is either listed at number 2 or 3 of the world’s most secluded islands. I don’t think I could live on a small island for too long but I certainly love visiting them!

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