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Some but not all of the books reviewed have been sent to us as samples.

The Winemaker, by Dr. Richard G. Peterson


This is Dr. Richard Peterson's first book - and you wonder why it took him so long to write a book - until you finish it. Then you will understand perfectly. Throughout his career he has done everything but sit idle. If one grows up with a connection and appreciation of the land, one keeps that throughout his entire life. Dick's upbringing was during the Great American Depression outside of Des Moines, Iowa. From the outside, his family was … [Read more...]

Lonely Planet – How to Survive Anything


Lonely Planet released this very interesting visual read earlier in the year. This entertaining book focuses on a variety of problems travelers invariably face during their travels (especially those who travel independently). The book is not only a fun read but delivers practical advice for specific problems focusing on outdoor activities such as surviving an earthquake, surviving a night in the snow or a Tsunami. But the book also offers … [Read more...]

Around the World in 50 Years: My Adventure to Every Country on Earth


One can travel around the world and one will certainly collect his share of experiences - but then can one write about his travels in an engaging and a humorous way? The answer is a resounding yes when it comes to author Albert Podell who made it his mission to visit every single country in the world. Author, adventurer, former editor of Playboy and explorer - the titles mount up for Albert - this is his latest book about his life wandering … [Read more...]

Rio for Partiers by Cristiano Nogueira


This slightly larger than a pocket book size full color guide is ground zero for visitors to Rio seeking fun, food and plenty of party experiences including information about trendy pubs, the nightclub scene and street parties. Cool photogrpahy is a big part of the book - while the book size is not large, it is approximately 200 pages and packs quite a bit of information. Capirinhas, crowds and cool parties - reference 'Rio for Partiers' for all … [Read more...]

Ride of Your Life by Ran Zilca


Author Ran Zilca sets out on a journey, not a long one but a journey nonetheless. A journey doesn't need to involve months or years but it should involve elements of being able to revitalize oneself and see things from a new perspective. This book is both a travel memoir based on the experiences and people that Ran meets as he makes his way from New York to California solo on the back of a Yamaha V-Star 950. Remarkably Ran had never owned a … [Read more...]

Chance Encounters edited by Janna Graber


Chance Encounters features 23 true short stories from select travel writers and wanderers. Nineteen authors are featured - their works are edited and curated by award-winning travel journalist Janna Graber. The stories cover a wide range of topics; as Janna shares in her introduction "...the stories I remember most are of the people I've met...". Along with unique experiences, these are the memories that travelers keep with them for a … [Read more...]

2 Years 4 Months 2 Hours by Chiara B. Townley


2 Years 4 Months 2 Hours is story of love based on passion and persistence. It all started when a young Italian woman (author Chiara B. Townley) working in a hotel in London spots a young American guy (Tyler Townley) staying at the hotel. They share a glance at one point but never speak. She then writes him a note which her co-worker personally delivers on her day off. Their relationship starts there - and is built over time based on this … [Read more...]

Backpacks and Bra Straps by Savannah Grace


This is book number two of the Sihpromatum series and hopefully not the last as there is still plenty of this family's round the world trip left to cover. Author Savannah Grace continues with stories from the perspective of a wide-eyed 15-year old (her age at the time of this part of their trip) who is in the enviable position of being able to experience a diversity of countries, cultures, foods and people at such a young age. This is the … [Read more...]

Inside Tracks: Robyn Davidson’s Solo Journey Across the Outback


This sizable photo epic by acclaimed author and photographer Rick Smolan details a 1,700 mile trek from Alice Springs (interior Australia) to the ocean along the shores of Western Australia made by Australian Robyn Davidson in 1977. This trek was made mostly solo but with several camels and her dog and at one point an Aboriginal man. "Tracks", a movie about this epic journey was released in 2013. This book contains both photographs from the … [Read more...]

Backpackers – by Paul Bellamy


This is not just your ordinary tale of backpackers seeing the world. The scene is the late 1980's in South East Asia - before Internet, before cell phones, before instant communication around the world. Two budget backpackers (Andrew and Kirsten) are trying to see the world on the cheap - pinching pennies by staying in ratty cockroach infested hostel dorms and quickly running out of money. Then Andrew discovers a money belt full of money and … [Read more...]

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