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Territories Colonies & Dependants

These are not countries in their own right. Many are islands and are tourist destinations. These locations are controlled in some form or another by a parent country. Click on Countries of the World to view actual country travel sites.

Montserrat - Under UK Jurisdiction
Navassa Island - Under USA Jurisdiction
New Caledonia - Under French Jurisdiction

Niue Niue (2)

Niue - Under New Zealand Jurisdiction
Norfolk Island - under Australia's Jurisdiction
Northern Mariana Islands - Under USA Jurisdiction
Palmyra Atoll - Under USA Jurisdiction
Pitcairn Islands - Under UK Jurisdiction
Puerto Rico - Under USA Jurisdiction

Reunion Reunion (2)

Reunion - Under French Jurisdiction
S. Georgia & South Sandwich Islands - Under UK Jurisdiction
Saint Pierre & Miquelon - Under French Jurisdiction
St. Helena - Under UK Jurisdiction

Svalbard Svalbard (4)

Svalbard - Under Norwegian Jurisdiction

Tokelau Tokelau (4)

Tokelau - Under New Zealand Jurisdiction
Tromelin Island - Under French Jurisdiction
Turks and Caicos Islands - Under UK Jurisdiction
Virgin Islands - Under UK Jurisdiction
Virgin Islands - Under USA Jurisdiction
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