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Gold Country, CA – Greeley Hill

Greeley Hill is located on Highway 132, the back way into Yosemite National Park. This is a very small town. When you first enter the outskirts of this town you will see a sign that says “Greeley Hill: Population friendly, elevation just right”. This town is located about 8 miles from Coulterville up a winding grade that climbs from the dry chaparral of Coulterville to the pines of Greeley Hill. This town is not entirely a mining town but rather a small town that developed partially for other reasons. There were several mines in this area.

The most notable of these mines was the Red Cloud mine. There is now a small park named after this mine. You will see the turnoff for this mine if you continue north on Smith Station Road. Bear Valley Meadow, in Greely Hill, was once the site of an Indian camp. The town of Greeley Hill was settled in the 1850’s. Besides mining, logging, ranching, and cattle raising were some of the profitable enterprises in this small town. In Greeley Hill the once open/closed market building is now open, a True Value hardware store, a few small restaurants, and a small video store.

If you were driving through and didn’t know what to look for, you would never even notice this small town.

Course when you spent part of your summer and winter here for over 15 years, the area has much more meaning than to some tourist passing through driving the “scenic” shortcut way to Yosemite.

Little old Greeley Hill has even served as a home for the Dave Matthews Band to write some of their music. Who would have thought?!

Looking for Greeley Hill current weather information? Visit:

The lake above is on private property – one year, many years ago, it froze so thick that a truck was driven out onto the ice! We have walked out onto its edges during more recent cold winters.


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