National Orchid Gardens, Port Moresby – Papua New Guinea – August 2015

national-orchid-garden-port-moresby (2)

This attraction on the outskirts of Port Moresby (mile marker 14) is well worth visiting. The gardens are meticulously maintained and there are always a number of orchids in bloom regardless of the time of year your visit. Workers are available to help guide you or answer any questions. The orchid gardens are part of a fairly new Adventure park which also contains a tall water-slide when you want to beat the heat. This orchid garden was … [Read more...]

Blue Mountains, Katoomba Australia – July 2015


The Blue Mountains extend for over 400km in length and up to 70km in width. From Sydney public transportation takes about 2 hours to Katoomba (the main jumping off point for day and overnight visitors). Catch the train from Central Station - trains usually leave every hour or less. A visit here can easily be done in a day trip from Sydney (especially if you get an early start, 8-9am). Katoomba is about 100 km west of Sydney. Katoomba is a … [Read more...]

Dalian, China – June 2015


Dalian is a major seaport in Northwestern China. The city is huge and wraps around the coastline for miles with amazing modern architecture and hundreds of high rise residential buildings. The drive along part of the rugged coastline overlooking the ocean is well worth the time. Unlike Shenyang (a 4 hour drive away) which is an un-inspirational industrial city - Dalian has the influences that only a city can have by being an International … [Read more...]

Kokoda Homestay Papua New Guinea – May 2015

kokoda-homestay (2)

Most people who visit Kokoda in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea do so to make the 8-10 day walk on the Kokoda Trek. This trek is the site of severe battles during World War II between the Australians and the Japanese with local Papua New Guineans often acting as "carriers" ferrying supplies for the troops. However, a visit to this area can have additional rewards by staying in local villages. Kokoda Homestay helps arrange your stay … [Read more...]

Sydney Opera House, Australia – April 2015

sydney-opera-house (2)

There are a select number of instantaneously recognizable buildings in the world - the Sydney Opera house is certainly one of these. Not only is the architecture unique but so is its setting - situated on a small peninsula surrounded by one of the more scenic natural harbors and bayside settings in the world. The iconic tiles of this curved building rise high into the sky - great viewpoints are from parts of the nearby Botanical Garden, from a … [Read more...]

Benxi Shuidong National Park, China – March 2015


The highlight of a visit to this National Park is the Benxi Water Cave system (located about 45 minutes from the major city of Shenyang). This 500 million year old cave is the world's longest underwater river cave accessible by boat. It is one of this region's most visited attractions - the temperature is 12C year round - so if you are visiting in the summer its a welcome relief from the heat and during the dead of winter - a huge temperature … [Read more...]

Levitated Mass LACMA Los Angeles – February 2015

levitated-mass-lacma (3)

Levitated Mass LACMA Los Angeles This 340 ton giant boulder was moved from Riverside County in early 2012 to its final resting place at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Museum Row along Wilshire Blvd. As you enter the driveway for the parking garage you will see the rock – it looks like its resting on the ground – but a closer inspection will reveal that its actually perched above a concrete walkway. The concept for this the Levitated … [Read more...]

Romanian Castles – January 2015

peles-castle (1)

For a beautiful escape from Bucharest, especially in the heat of summer - drive about 2.5 hours to Transylvania - up in the Carpathian mountains and spend some time enjoying and touring Peles Castle. The castle built to be a summer residence and was inaugurated in 1883. It was home to the King and Queen of Romania - eventually it was closed during the Communist period - but reopened in 1990. Guided tours are available daily and take one … [Read more...]

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia – December 2014

Lake-Ohrid-Macedonia (1)

Lake Ohrid is one of Macedonia's true natural gems. The lake was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979 - the lake itself is visually stunning but then you add a historical town such as the old city of Ohrid perched on hills and cliffs overlooking the lake, along with its picturesque architecture and you have a recipe for a truly beautiful spot. Small rocky beaches dot the edges of the cliffs - the old city of Ohrid boasts of a number … [Read more...]

Rila Monastery – November 2014

rila-monastery-bulgari (3)

Rila Monastary is located about 2 hours outside of Sofia, the capital city. You can hire a taxi (be sure to bargain - and note that hiring taxis from public transportation places such as bus or train stations are usually higher in price), take a bus or go with a number of Bulgarian based tour companies that visit the monastery (Traventuria, Tandem Travel, Bulgaria-Guide). The road past the small village of Rila is narrow and winds up a river … [Read more...]