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Seville’s Holy Week

Famous for its music, food and joyful people, Seville, the stunning capital of Andalusia, is one of the biggest cities in Southern Spain, as well as being one of the oldest with around 3.000 years of history.

Celebrated throughout the country, but with a special enthusiasm in Seville, The Semana Santa (Holy week) celebration started on the 16th century when the Church showed for the first time the Passion of Jesus Christ to the parishioners. This core religious festivity, that has a great significance in Spain and other Christian countries, takes place on the last week of Lent, which is the period from Ash Wednesday to Maundy Thursday, right before Easter.

Considered to be the largest festival in the Catholicism, this celebration features the procession of giant wooden sculptures called “Pasos” representing each of the events that took place between Jesus Christ’s capture and his entombment. The Pasos are carried by different religious brotherhoods on beautiful floats called “tronos”, which are decorated with colorful fabrics and big candles and are always accompanied by funeral music played by local musicians.

Pasos and tronos change everyday according to the specific celebrations, which include Passion Sunday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday among others. Processions go through strategic places of the city, so it would make sense to rent holiday apartments in Seville during this time, just keep in mind that due to the world wide popularity of this festivity, accommodation should be booked long in advance, especially the places with access to a balcony.

In Seville, everyone is part of Semana Santa celebration; from families with small children and seniors to the brotherhoods and float bearers, who make an incredible physical effort to carry the heavy floats, every single person has an important role to keep alive the love scene in which God sacrificed his son for the forgiveness of our sins.

During this special celebration, Christians around the world stop their daily routines and unleash the Easter Mystery, with hearts returning to God, in order to achieve a true recognition of sins and a sincere purpose of amendment to correspond to all the graces obtained through Jesus Christ.

Lots of people, religious and not religious, from around the world come to Seville every year to celebrate with locals in one of the most traditional festivals of the city. Come to the capital of Andalusia and be part of the next Semana Santa; you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy both, a very picturesque celebration, and the hot spots of the city including the Guadalquivir river, the Giralda, Seville’s Gothic cathedral, La Maestranza bullring, MarĂ­a Luisa park and Triana district among the countless tourist attractions the city has to offer.

Rent Seville apartments and discover the holy magic of Semana Santa in Seville.

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