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Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka

Pinnawala-Elephant-Orphanage (2)

Elephants are a significant animal in most Southeast Asian countries including India and Sri Lanka - the meaning of the word 'elephant' varies slightly but all comes down to some sort of Good Luck & Good Energy. Sri Lanka has held on to the love of elephants in Traditional & Religious Culture, dating back over 5000 years symbolizing Wisdom, Power & Wealth. It is estimated that Sri Lanka has the highest density of Elephants in Asia. … [Read more...]

The Audacious Promises of Sustainable Tourism


The audacious promises of sustainable tourism The promise that was never lived up to Don’t we all wish we could do more good while having the time of our lives travelling? Years ago, when I was still a student, a big part of my travel memories were filled with little children tugging at my jeans for a donation, the homeless out on the streets or seeing the local people do amazing crafts but only finding out after that they are extremely … [Read more...]

Pampered Luxury at Hastings House, Salt Spring Island

Afternoon tea at Hastings House

I was recently pampered with a two-night stay at luxurious Hastings House Country House Hotel on Salt Spring Island. While I've been to Salt Spring several times, I had yet to enjoy this corner of the island, close enough to downtown Ganges yet far enough away to appreciate the solitude and nature that helps define this Relais & Chateaux property. The welcoming hotel grounds are filled with fragrant flowers and colourful birds, all with a … [Read more...]

Living in Bogota: My 5 Colombian Identities

Medellin art - my many identities!

I’ve been living in Bogota, Colombia for over a year now, having moved here from London for my Colombian partner, and something I’ve noticed is the way in which identity is defined; since moving here I have taken on a number of identities which just didn’t matter or exist when I was in London. Not that we don’t categorise people there too – for example, a person’s age, ethnicity and the part of London they’re from can tell you a lot about them: … [Read more...]

Riviera Cancun: Secrets Silversands Resort

Secrets Silversands Resort

Looking at numerous websites, Trip Advisor reviews, and tips from friends, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a travel destination and resort. My husband and I wanted to visit the Riviera Maya this month, in a location away from the thumping of Cancun or Playa del Carmen. What we found was Puerto Morelos, a smaller town smack in between the two, yet close enough to get to the Mayan ruins while enjoying the warm, tropical breezes of … [Read more...]

Cassis: A Captivating Seaside Village in Provence

View from my seat at La Vielle Auberge

"Qu'a vist Paris, se noun a vist Cassis, pou dire: n'ai rèn vist," "He who has seen Paris and who has not seen Cassis can say ... I have seen nothing." Frédéric Mistral (1830 - 1914), beloved Provençal poet and Nobel Prize laureate How could anyone make such a bold statement about Cassis, France, a medieval village in Provence? After just a few hours in this village on the Mediterranean coast, I began to understand. I always feel … [Read more...]

How to spend 48 hours in Bogota


Many travellers will arrive in Bogota with the intention of  staying for a couple of days before moving onto somewhere else... Cartagena, Santa Marta, the Coffee Region. So in case you happen to be spending just 48 hours in Bogota (let's say a weekend) here’s a suggested itinerary (with alternatives suggested in the event of rain!): Saturday 8.00am: It’s Saturday morning and chances are you’re staying near the historical part of Bogota (the … [Read more...]

The Growing Irrelevance of Commercialized Mass Tourism


The irrelevance of mass tourism today The early 18-1900s, the age of industrialization, brought the world closer together with the widespread construction of railroads, the first flights and the first automobile. The burgeoning middle class could soon own their own wheels and take their first trains, travelling to places they never could, once accessible only to the mega rich. The age of mass tourism began in earnest. Today, more than 200 … [Read more...]

Plan your Car hire for summer holidays trips


Summer time is all about fun, holidays and travel. Whether you decide to stay close to home or travel abroad, car hire is a great option to go for if you’re on the go. Car hire gives you the freedom of travelling around without having to rely on family or public transport. It is the second best thing to having your own car with you on a trip. However, be aware that during the summer months, when many people are on holiday and may need hired cars, … [Read more...]

Trek Into Wilsons Prom, Australia


This year we decided our summer holiday was not going to be spent fighting impatient crowds at the airport or tourist crowds in fancy resort towns. No, this year we were going to take it slow – slow down, slow time, and live in the moment. So what did we decide to do? A 14km return walk into the Victorian wilderness. Now stay with me here. It may sound strenuous – and trust me, it was – but what a way to get back to the essentials of life, … [Read more...]