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Cabins of the Smoky Mountains

Kayaking the Los Angeles River in the middle of an Urban Jungle!

la-river (3)

The River When you stand solitary on North Main Street next to the railroad tracks above the Los Angeles River all you feel is a deep sadness as you look down on a river that has been dramatically altered in a relatively short amount of time. You look down on a river that has been soiled by trash and has become a concrete waterway juxtaposed with brightly colored graffiti where those entrapped by the city, drugs, gangs and poverty … [Read more...]

Living large at Sandals LaSource on Grenada

Pool at Sandals LaSource in Grenada

Who wants to be a millionaire? Well, most of us. But most of us aren’t. You can, however, vacation like one at the new Sandals LaSource all-inclusive resort in Grenada. Or so it says in the resort booklet. That’s not a stretch. The resort opened in April 2014 to rave reviews, a beauty of an all-inclusive resort, luxurious, well-appointed and ideally located close to Maurice Bishop International Airport on the island’s southwestern corner. I … [Read more...]

A Trip up the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle

Mile 1, Welcome to the Dalton Highway!

We pulled out of Fairbanks at 7am sharp - under grey skies with a promise from the clouds of rain to come. It has been raining here the past few weeks and is an unusually rainy June. The clear and warmer weather is forecast to begin in a few days, after we have left. Today it was a trip up the famous Dalton Highway, a series of graded dirt and partial pavement at times road that heads north to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay, both located almost within … [Read more...]

A Sea to Sky Journey, Vancouver to Banff with Rocky Mountaineer


In nearly 25 short years the Rocky Mountaineer has created a memorable experience incorporating some of the Rocky Mountain's finest scenery. A trip on the rails is one to enjoy, savor and spend quality time with loved ones - a chance to truly escape from the hectic fast paced life of the "real world". Few train rides on the planet can deliver such inspiring and jaw dropping vistas as the Rocky Mountaineer. The train follows historical railways to … [Read more...]

Planning a Sea, Sun and Sand Vacation in Panama City Beach

An ideal spot on Panama City Beach for some rest and relaxation

I have been fortunate to have visited Florida a number of times - sunshine, warm temperatures and the fact the state is ground zero for tropical fruit in the lower 48 has always appealed to me. My first Florida experience was perhaps not the norm - during college we transported a solar car we built in California to the East Coast for a race and then ultimately down to Florida. Camping in July in the middle of the Everglades surrounded by clouds … [Read more...]

The Most Mysterious Island Of Asia: Pulau Besar


When you are traveling northward from Singapore there is a high chance that sooner or later you’ll find yourself in a hot and noisy town of Southern Malaysia, Malacca. After a few hours of sightseeing (not extremely interesting in fact) you’ll understand that you are covered with dust and start wondering if there is a clean beach nearby. That’s the moment when a quick Google search will lead you to Pulau Besar. WHAT IS PULAU BESAR? Pulau … [Read more...]

Adventures in France

Saint Gatien Cathedral, Tours

 Check the weather and temperature for Arras: 6 - 13 degrees with fog. Definitely pack the gloves and put on thermal top and nylon half leg stockings under socks!! It is cool walking to Gare Du Nord, along the dirty streets. The cleaners have a huge job ahead of them. The fat pigeons can only help so much to clean the rubbish up. Gare Du Nord is awash with all varieties of travelers, the workers, business men, holiday makers, and day trippers … [Read more...]

Inspired By the World


Travel in itself is incredible: Visual stimulation makes us aware of a broader world; exploring a new environment deepens our olfactory senses; tasting local cuisine strengthens our taste buds. But what makes travel inspiring is not a superficial combing of a foreign space. To travel inspired is to engage in the local community. Learn about their customs, greet others in the local context, arise and sleep on their schedule. These interactions … [Read more...]

Foreign Funeral – Heartbreak in a Romanian Village


Our arms interlocked tightly at the elbow. We stared downward in the chilly, quiet living room when an improbable question broke the silence. “Did you touch her yet?” my wife, Oana, asked as tears streaked down her high cheekbones. “She’s still warm.” Mama Ana, as she was known, my wife’s 82-year-old grandmother, died hours earlier in her small, century-old stone farmhouse in the Romanian countryside. We journeyed 7,000 miles from … [Read more...]

On Trust & Traveling & Treasure Making


Part I ~ Friendship I thought about trust a lot the other day. I was on my way to photograph a house in the Isletas. There are 300+ islands in Lake Nicaragua close to Granada. It is my favorite place to immerse myself in nature and retreat from the stifling heat of the city. I thought to rustle up a group to join me but soon realized with schedules and distances and timelines we were not going to connect. I am always a bit wary when I am out … [Read more...]