Its Australia, baby!

Lizard Island, Remote Luxury

Arrival You are on a 10-seater looking out of the window. The azure waters glisten out of the side windows with spectacular coral reefs coming into view as the plane steadily makes its way to a small island in the Coral Seal – in the… [Read More]


Spain: Help, Help me Ronda!

John M. Edwards gets vertigo and yells help in a lofty Andalusian precipice town where Walt Disney’s family supposedly originally came from. . . . Away from the ugly urbanization of Spain’s Costa del Sol, along scenic Highway 44, I arriveD in my leased “Europe… [Read More]


Special Jungle Curry: Thai Street Food, Close...

An American backpacker cannot decide whether budget restaurants or street food offer the best fetish of freshness until he visited one of Thailand’s best outdoor night markets, serving “SPECIAL JUNGLE CURRY.” As someone used to eating Thai food in New York City, with restaurants with… [Read More]


Through Death and Sky

“Welcome to Fiji”, announced the captain of the Atlantic Pacific, Boeing 747-400. It had been a 10 hour and 45 minute flight from Los Angeles to Nadi, the third largest municipality on the Viti Levu Isle. Fiji was the first stop of a Cultural-Volunteer Expedition… [Read More]


Charles Addams Family Values

John M. Edwards, a paparazzo of the paranormal, stalks the The New Yorker’s most famous and fiendish poltergeist cartoonist back to his moody hometown: Westfield, New Jersey. “Give me a place to stand on, and I will have the earth.” –ARCHIMEDES In Westfield, New Jersey,… [Read More]


Zell, Germany

Black Katz and Tiny Bubbles Ahhh, the hills are alive…no, that’s Julie Andrews and Austria. Black cats and voodoo dolls…no, that’s Ricky Martin and Miami. Tiny bubbles…no that’s Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra or somebody. I do know we were sitting at an outdoor café… [Read More]


Ecuador – Chocaholics Paradise

The first ´traveller´ to sample chocolates bitter sweet charms was Christopher Columbus in 1502, although it´s likely that the Indigenous Maya and Aztec people had already been drinking it for the previous thousand years. The cacao bean itself had originated in South America millions of years before… [Read More]


Unbridled: A Memoir

After my divorce, I needed to travel, to go on a journey to find myself. What better place to start than Ireland, home of my ancestors? During my trip I found images and parts of me that I didn’t know existed. I found them in… [Read More]


Even the Natives Don’t go Native

We were in Paradise! There were six of us holed up in a luxury three-bedroom condominium resting at the top of a hill. From our lofty perch we overlooked the most beautiful turquoise water of the southern Caribbean Sea that surrounded the Island of Tobago… [Read More]


Beirut in the Baltics

John M. Edwards is drawn into the Wild Wild East of “Europe Minor.” After the collapse of communism in the USSR, inflation in the freshly minted Baltic republics of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia rolled up the ruble into the cheapest toilet paper around, so I… [Read More]