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Get off the resort! Rivera Maya Mexico

rivera-maya-mexico (1)

Drug lords, bacteria-filled water, pick-pocketers. Mexico sounds like a scary place. All-inclusive, sandy beaches, endless buffets. Mexico sounds dreamy. But how much do you actually know about Mexico? I knew that when a group of friends booked an all-inclusive resort in Rivera Maya, I wanted to get off of that resort. I wanted to see the real Mexico. Were my friends up for it? I didn’t know, but that wasn’t going to stop me. The next … [Read more...]

Bali Sea Temples

Bali-Sea-Temples (4)

Bali is home to thousands of Hindu temples, also known as Puras. I never got tired of the beauty of these holy places, whether it was a small temple on a family’s private compound, or a majestic temple towering on a mountain top. During my travels, I was able to visit two of the seven sea temples, Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temple. Each of the temples is said to be (in theory) visible from the next, forming a chain around the island to honor the … [Read more...]

Marriage, Bloodline and Leisure in Bohol


To be in the shoes of a wanderer is to fully experience life and to ponder our own existence. However some places carve out a special place in your heart - places you must return to again. There is a mystery of why this 'pull of attraction' exists within yourself and no amount of restraint can stop you from revisiting. For me, Bohol in the Philippines is that place. It has been exactly four years now since I visited Bohol, its capital … [Read more...]

Prem, The Tour Guide I Met in Nepal

nepal-trek (2)

I went for a 3 days 2 nights trek while in Pokhara in the end of December 2014. Before arriving in Pokhara, I had browsed and read through an information-packed Taiwanese travel forum named “Beibaokezhang”: (strongly recommended for those who read Chinese) and used that as a tool to work on my itinerary and search for a reliable tour guide. I manage to contact a local tour guide named Naraya and after a series of bargains, he landed me a deal of … [Read more...]

Baja California’s Hidden Gem: Loreto


Loreto, located on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico's Baja California, was one of famous oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau's favorite places in the world. He first visited Loreto in 1980 and appropriately called it "The Aquarium of the World". Yet, it remains a hidden gem to many people even to their 'next door neighbors' in the United States. Loreto is merely a 2.5-hour flight from Los Angeles. Alaska airlines offers nonstop service from LAX, … [Read more...]

Things to do in Paris on holidays with locals


Have you ever wondered how to make your trip just that little bit better? How about stepping foot into a city and thinking: what’s the plan? Well, with France’s capital, you no longer have to worry. Things to do in Paris on holidays with locals, yep, locals, means that your trip is not going to be like any other before. Trip4real, the platform that connects travelers on the hunt for a new way to explore Europe means you can say au revoir to your … [Read more...]

Something for Everyone: 4 Types of Tourists in Africa

Roughing It

People travel to distant and exotic climes for a variety of reasons: a box on their bucket list, inner personal experience, cross-cultural understanding, or simple rest and relaxation. East Africa, and Tanzania in particular, gives its visitors everything they could wish in a single trip; then, leaves them coming back for more. Whether you’ve saved for months and planned your trip to Africa down to the last detail or just hopped on the next … [Read more...]

From the Traditional Farming to Luxurious Spas – Touring the Mennonite Region of Southern Ontario

St. Jacob's-Cambridge - Langdon Hall

The Mennonite region in southern Ontario around the Village of St. Jacob’s is a captivating traditional, rustic area yet with the amenities of the modern age. For those who enjoy history and the traditional pre-modern way of life, St. Jacob’s is the place to visit. The Village, a 1 1/2 hours drive from Toronto, represents the living remnants of a European Christian sect that was persecuted in Europe then found a home in Canada with the freedom … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Culture, Food & Attractions

When one thinks of Canadian cities, iconic urban destinations quickly come to mind such as Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver. Saskatoon is not located near any of these major urban centers and is certainly a much smaller city in comparison - both of these aspects are refreshing and are part of the appeal of visiting. So where is Saskatoon anyways? It is located in the southern part of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan about 2.5 hours … [Read more...]

Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival: A Celebration of Life and Culture

Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey These words capture the incredible nature of our existence. There is a lot to be said about the uniqueness of our humanity and the scope through which we view life. The fact that we hold “celebrations” to call attention to the different joys in our lives is one of the many reasons we are so special. Through our own creativity we have invented … [Read more...]