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Loco Moco: The Ultimate Hawaiian Comfort Food


What is it? One of my all-time favorite Hawaiian foods, the Loco Moco is a concoction of ground beef, a fried egg, gravy and sticky rice. Let me tell you, if you have not tried it out be sure to mark it down on your bucket list. It’s even easy enough to make on your own! Being the melting pot that Hawaii is, the LocoMoco is living proof that when Western cuisine meshes with Asian, good things happen. Really good things. Before I begin to … [Read more...]

Road Trips: Why Do We Do Them?


Road Trips. Have you ever wondered why people go on road trips, when we can easily book a fully planned holiday from one of the local travel agencies? Planning and booking a road trip is a downright hassle, but I promise that once you’re on the road, you’re not going to regret it. Trust me, I’ve just gotten back from my own road trip to the South Island of New Zealand last week, and now I’m already itching to go on another one. So, road trips: … [Read more...]

Understanding London – The north/south River Thames divide

London river view

London really is a tale of two cities, as there is a clear divide between the northern and southern parts of the Thames. For non-locals, this may seem a bit silly, but for Londoners it does mean more than you’d think! If you’re preparing to visit London, you could do worse than learn some of the major differences so that when people ask you, you’re well informed and ready to come back with a fact or two. If you want to know more about the … [Read more...]

Berlin Food Tour


Berlin is attracting the attention of hungry tourists around the globe. A huge variety of edible delights compete for your appetite in this bustling metropolis. If your time in Berlin will be brief, consider a food tour. Those on a culinary quest reap the benefits of a guide’s insider epicurean tips. Even if you’re not food-centric, you will learn about the culture, history and sights of Berlin as you stroll the city with your guide and nibble … [Read more...]

Find the Quiet Side of Venice in Santa Elena

Crowds in St. Mark's Square

For most visitors, the Venice that they visit is jam-packed with crowds. The city is packed with spectacular sights and is one of the most popular tourist sites in Italy. It is one of my favorite European destinations. The city is wonderful any time of the year so I always schedule my visits for the off-season. Even then, I have been amazed at the number of visitors. Someone recently described Venice to me as a "Disneyland for adults" with … [Read more...]

Halifax’s Historic Halliburton House Inn

Halliburton House Inn signage, Halifax

From my ground-floor queen bedroom, I can hear the early evening final calls of the birds outside in the trees. Such a blissful moment, particularly after a late afternoon spring shower. We’re checked in at The Halliburton House Inn for a night, and I’m happy with everything in this room, from the cozy bed to the period furniture and fireplace. A coffee maker sits on the desk in a corner. A wing-back chair will serve as the perfect spot to … [Read more...]

Halifax Excursions: Horseback Riding, City and Peggy’s Cove Tour, and Ferry Ride to Dartmouth

Near Peggy's Cove

Winter in Halifax normally means chilly Atlantic winters with varying amounts of snow. This winter however was exceptional, snowfall the likes of which the city hasn’t seen in 30 years! This didn’t stop me from having some fun though while here on my second Nova Scotia trip. I haven't yet been horseback riding in the snow, but there’s a first time for everything. Hatfield Farm, located in Hammonds Plains, a quick half-hour jaunt from … [Read more...]

VinCE International Wine Show 2015 in Budapest, Hungary

The excited winners of the annual VinCE wine awards

The Venue The 6th annual VinCE Wine Show was recently held at the luxurious and inviting Corinthia Hotel in Budapest in early March 2015. This event is organized by the VinCE Central European Wine Magazine and showcases Hungarian Wines as well as plenty of winery attendees from elsewhere in Central Europe. When you walk into the Corinthia you immediately feel transported to another era - perhaps 100 years ago, elegance, luxury and … [Read more...]

Star Searching, Celebrity House Spotting with Starline Tours, Hollywood


What better time to take a Starline guided tour of Hollywood and hunt for celebrity homes and celebrities than during the Academy Award weekend. Hollywood's epic event attracts a number of celebrities to town, parties and those looking to see celebrities. Sure Hollywood is more chaotic then usual - with part of Hollywood Blvd shut down in the vicinity of Dolby Theatre and the buzz about the event by most everyone who happens to be in the … [Read more...]

Confessions of the First Travel Blogger


One of these claims to be “The Most Interesting Blogger in the World” I was surprised when I picked up a copy USAToday and saw an item that cited me as “The first travel blogger.” I doubt it, though I was early to the game, not long after Al Gore invented the Internet. In 1993 the term “blogger” didn’t exist, so what I was posting was a real-time serialized account of my travels. If that qualifies, then perhaps the first travel blogger was … [Read more...]