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Car Travel Car Travel (11)

Road trip highlights of traveling with an automobile. Items related to car travel are listed here.
Enjoy the holiday cheer! These are resources offering travel services related to the Christmas holidays.
Do you climb when on vacation? Check out these great resources for climbing gear.
Will you be traveling in a cold climate? Also visit our Travel Supply Companies
Provides extensive technical travel information including converting Metric to Standard, Celcius to Farenheight & more!
The following countries are currently located on planet Earth. If you do not see a particular location listed here, perhaps it is in our Territories & Colonies category. Sometimes non English sites are listed.
Visit the following link for a list of telephone country codes for most of the world's countries. Country Codes
Vacations for couples including retreats and romantic sensuous vacations.
Travel as an air courier and save money - destinations sometimes are limited trips can be at the last minute.

Crewing Crewing (7)

Looking to crew on a sailboat or other boat. Check out some of these "crew wanted" links. Crewing can be a great way to meet people, sometimes prior sailing experience required.

Cruises Cruises (72)

A listing of cruises, cruise lines & yacht rentals from around the world.

Cultural Cultural (40)

Cultural Trips. Cultures and indigenous peoples
Find out what your currency is worth in another countries' currency.
These are some of Dave's favorite musicians - this is great music for the road.
To see what Dave carries and recommends when he's on the road visit: his Travel List.
These are general websites for Africa. Post sites relating to individual countries within Africa Here. For African Safari links Click Here
These are general websites focusing on travel to and within Antarctica.
These are general websites for Asia. Post sites relating to individual countries within Asia Here.
These are general websites for Australia & the South Pacific. Post sites relating to individual countries within Australia & the South Pacific Here
These are general websites for the Caribbean. Post sites relating to individual countries within the Caribbean Here.


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