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Interested in learning multiple languages, choose from these International language programs.
International Language schools
Language translators have become quite sophisticated and are available for a wide range of languages. These are generally free services.

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Travel is a major focus of these sites but also with beauty, fashion, lifestyle and or society. Our general travel blogs are categorized in our Blogs of Travel Directory, not here.
Become a "star" for a while. Nothing like popping your head through the roof with drink in hand feeling the warm summer breezes.
Living Overseas - considering or already living overseas? Visit these fine sites.
Your source for travel luggage and bags
Customers of these services tend to be celebrities, athletes, executives or other very financially well off individuals. These are high end, high class services. We are *extremely* selective about the companies that we list here as well as any properties.
Read your favorite travel magazines on the web
Travel Maps - You won't get lost with these! A fine collection of map and mapping sites
Are you planning a trip abroad and maybe combining with medical needs? These resources focus on Medical Tourism and Travel.
These travel websites focus on the male traveler.
Travel options for the armed forces
These companies offer information about satellite phones & using phones Internationally. Also vist our Calling Card Page and or the Technology for Travel category.
In every inspiring natural creation there is a realism that speaks to you. In every moment on a mountain you find it more and more. You discover yourself in ways not possible through other means. This stays with you and guides you for the rest of your life. May everyone have this chance at least once. ~ Dave Also visit our Guided Mountaineering Links
Climb or trek with a guide - also visit: Mountain Climbing Links
View our listings of major International museums.

Museums USA Museums USA (338)

USA Museums - This list of major Museums are located within the USA
Music of the World - sites that specialize in promoting music of the world's cultures, typically non traditional music


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