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These sites are all in English and are the travel sections from major International newspapers.
The following are links to the travel sections of major US newspapers.

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For the outdoor travel enthusiasts.

Partners Partners (0)

Find travel partners - share the cost of travel and experiences.
Look for information about passports & visas here. Also review embassy locations and related info.
Why not establish a friendship across borders. If you travel to their country or vice versa you will have someone local you can meet. Many but not all of these services are free.
Do you travel with pets - here is some advice and tips on how to travel with a pet?
Looking to print your digital images. Check out these online photo printing sites. Photo sharing are sites also listed.
Make your next photography trip with a professional photographer.
Photographers - "Humanity is all better for it when creative individuals succeed in communicating their life's' most important visions into the minds of others." ~ Galen Rowell
This is an amazing collection of International travel photographs.
These are directories that contain travel related photos, often International in nature - some are more specific to a certain region.
Information for how to sell your travel photos online
Need a new camera, tripod, lens other? Visit these. This is an extensive selection of photography related gear.

Podcasts Podcasts (9)

These are podcasts devoted to travel
Poetry of Travel, Travel Poems - a uniqe category - poetry of and about travel. This is pretty "niche"
Last minute travel plans? Visit these before "its too late!"
These are radio shows that concentrate on travel and the travel industry.


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