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The Power of Experiential Travel, Speech in Seattle

When my friend invited me to make a speech to some of his investment clients at a location in downtown Seattle about some of my travel adventures I jumped at the opportunity.

With the challenge of creating a speech for his “mixer” I came up with one titled, “The Power of Experiential Travel” – in summary highlighting a number of my interesting adventures from around the world and finishing with some lessons learned from all these travels.

Not one to embrace public speaking, it had been 20+ years since delivering my last speech in Speech 1A or some course like that in college. It was a rough start, but then the previously consumed Port wine kicked in and it actually was a somewhat enjoyable experience. Here are some clips from this speech below:

It is always a pleasure to visit Seattle – the economy seems great up here – the roads are in good shape (certainly not always the case in my home state of California). An underground freeway is currently being built to replace the double level 99 freeway near downtown. Traffic can be an absolute nightmare during rush hour in a number of parts of town.

Prior to my speech we met up with Erden Eruç – an accomplished adventurer. He spent the last 5+ years of his life circumnavigating the globe under his own power – spending some 870+ days kayaking a small vessel across the oceans, biking and hiking across continents. After a successful Kickstarter project which raised some initial funds, he and his director are going to compile his hundreds of hours of footage into an inspirational and educational documentary. I look forward to helping he and his team raise awareness and promote this upcoming documentary.

And some accompanying photos from the talk:


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