Zitahli Resort & Spa, Maldives – March 2013

Zitahli Resort & Spa is a beautiful resort located on a small private island about a 50 minute seaplane ride from the capital city of Male. This luxurious and secluded getaway is the perfect respite for “escaping” the world for a while in the middle of aqua marine waters. A stay on this private island in the middle of the Maldives can make the rest of the world seem mundane, pedestrian in comparison. The staff is part of what makes a stay at Zitahli Kuda-Funafaru memorable. From the moment we stepped out of the plane we were met by a very welcoming reception; after a refreshing drink we were quickly whisked away to our Super Deluxe Aqua Villa in one of their golf carts. There are 50 villas of which 30 are spread out over water. The Super Deluxe Aqua Villa boasts a private pool built into the deck and from the edge one walks a few steps down and is quickly immersed in the clear inviting waters.

There are plenty of reasons to visit the Maldives and a private resort such as Zitahli, but most of all you come here for the unique experience; the remoteness of the island, the exceptional staff, the 5-star experience and what the Maldives are known for – their unparalleled natural beauty. Visit: www.zitahlikudafunafaru.com





  1. The Maldives look absolutely beautiful!

  2. Caroline – yeah everytime I re-read this piece and view these photos – I cannot believe I was there! Def one of the most special places I have been fortunate to have visited.

  3. It is absolutely stunning. This may be the daftest question you’ve ever had, but is the sea really that clear and blue? It looks photoshopped it is that gorgeous!

  4. Hi Caroline

    When we were in the Seyschelles we travelled on a Tuk Tuk from our room to the beach and as we came around a corner and we saw the beach both my husband and I gasped as it looked like we were driving into a post card so yes the sea is that blue on tropical islands it is just so amazing you have to experience it for your self. Happy Travelling


  5. Hi Lynn,

    Would love to experience it. I can’t image stepping into a postcard like that – so so beautiful. I will have to go one day : )


  6. Lynn – the Seychelles are on the list for the end of this year….that or Madagascar. Its a tough call as I’m looking forward to seeing the beauty of both places :)

  7. Caroline – nope, no Photoshop there or any digital manipulation! – those private islands are some of the most amazing waters I’ve seen – Palau comes in a close 2nd though!

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