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Bangkok, Thailand – Weather

Bangkok, Thailand – Weather is typically incredibly hot (usually in the 90’s Fahrenheit) and is accompanied by humidity that is often in the upper 90’s. Either humidity or heat by itself can be somewhat bearable but when you combine both together it becomes stifling, steamy and sweaty. It should be noted the following are places are where you can escape this heat and humidity, inside most of the taxis, the major shopping centers, the sky train, the ice arena in the Central World Center, inside some museums, restaurants (not all), hotels (not all) and inside the “godsend” that is available on almost every block called 7-Eleven. (well not quite on every block – but almost every one!) Sometimes you can find a breeze coming off of the Chao Phraya river, but usually it is not a cooling one.

You do want to avoid becoming chilled – this isn’t a big problem but some locations in Bangkok have quite powerful air conditioning units and you might get cold after coming in out of the hot humid weather.

Sometimes during December, January or February, you may catch a few weeks where the nights can actually cool down into the 60’s or even on occasion the mid to high 50’s. This doesn’t happen every year, but we have been in Bangkok during these times when its actually “downright pleasant” during the day and even a bit chilly at night.

Many Thai men wear long pants. This is customary but can be quite warm and irritating for those not used to this weather. However, many of the tourists wear shorts and its perfectly acceptable in the big cities and tourist areas like the Golden Triangle and beaches if you are a foreigner. (Note that the Royal temples require individuals to wear long pants before entering). We recommend light weight cotton type pants with several pockets including at least one pocket that can be closed by a zipper.



  1. Dave,

    We are planning 3 trips – – (Tokyo, Buenos Aires or Bangkok) leaving Manhattan from JFK on October 1, 2014. We’ll be doing a search for fully furnished rented apartments not hotels. Regarding Bangkok, do you have recommendation for a good and safe neighborhood where we can rent an apartment for 1 or 2 months? Thanks, M

  2. Hi Michael – in Bangkok proximity to public transportation is a good idea, ie a Skytrain stop or a metro stop. Many expats in Bangkok either live in Silom area (more upscale) and can be quieter at night – or Sukhumvit (which is another major blvd with apartments up and down its length on small sois or streets located off its reaches. Sukhumvit perhaps would be a bit cheaper – as you get farther away from say the low Sukhumvit Soi numbers you will find things get cheaper – so Sukhumvit Soi 60 for example would be a cheaper area then say Sukhumvit Soi 5 (which is a major nightlife area, busy etc). My friend Zoe Goetz is an expat in Bangkok usually for a few months of the year – you should be able to contact her via one of her social media outlets here: – I know she usually stays somewhere off of Sukhumvit. Hope this helps.

  3. Re Buenos Aires – for close to downtown, check out the Recoleta neighborhood – also I really like the Devoto neighborhood – can take train, very quiet, safe, nice area, a bit outside of center. I’ve been to Tokyo a number of times, always quick jaunts into the city so unfort don’t have any neighborhood suggestions – certainly the most expensive of the three cities.

  4. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your response and all the information. Just a few days ago we decided on returning to Asia and Bangkok. So, it’s another down to the wire scramble to find a home base (apartment) in Bangkok, maybe for 1 month. Then, move on to Chiang Mae for 2 months. While we are in Bangkok we’ll most likely search for an apartment in Chiang Mae. We have a few more days in Zagreb to do it before shoving off to Manhattan. Thankfully, we already purchased discounted flight tickets from JFK to BKK on Emirates Airelines.

  5. Hi Michael – greetings from Northern Kyrgyzstan at the moment. Excellent, I always miss Thailand when I’m not there. When will you be in the Kingdom? Be nice to meetup if possible – I might be there after you are, I’ll be in Thailand again from sometime in December through February. Emirates is a very nice airline. I was just watching a video of the new Sky Apartments on Etihad. Some of these Middle Eastern based airlines sure have the wow factor!

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