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2013 Dave’s Travel Corner Travel Essay Contest


Of all the past travel writing contests, this was the most difficult year to narrow down the entries to the top three winners. We initially selected 11 from over 100 entries. One entry stood out from the others and was the unanimous choice for our top spot.

After discussion among the three judges – the three top entries are:

richardBring Adventure Back to Europe, by Richard Bangs

tomWithout An Address, You Can’t Go Home, by Tom Bentley

katePie-eyed for Pizza A Love Story, by Kate Silver

Honorable Mentions
Death in Africa by Richard Bangs
Virginia is for Foodies by Allison Tibaldi
Afghanistan Exposed by Savannah Grace
Finding Inspiration among the Redwoods by Bonnie Etherington

Again, a big thank you to all contestants as well as to the companies/individuals who donated prizes. See you next year!

sunflower-ohrid(3/1/13) Looking to share your travels with others? Do you enjoy writing? Look no further. Dave’s Travel Corner is holding its annual travel essay writing contest. Entry is free.

Enter and have the possibility of winning prizes as well as gain additional exposure for your writing. Please see below for details.

Please include your email address or some form of contact information with your submission. This information will not be posted with your essay; it is so we can contact you in case you win.

The essay must be written by you and it must be about something that inspired you on one of your travels. It could be about a particular place, a person, a country, a culture or any other number of things that may have touched you on your travels.

Possible topics could include: Adventure & Outdoor Travel, Arts and Culture, Backpacker oriented, Couples travel, Cultural, Destination focused, Eco Tourism, a personal trip, Food and Wine, Romance or Urban Travel.

First-person travel stories should give one a sense of place and richness of experience – just listing where you have been, what you have done can be interesting but are generally not winning entries.

Please fact check any relevant details prior to submitting

At least 775 words – no more than 5000 words. Up to two (2) essays may be submitted per person. Essays or blogs already posted on Dave’s Travel Corner are not eligible for this contest. Content published elsewhere that does not violate any copyright by posting them on Dave’s Travel Corner are eligible for the contest.

The grand prize winner will be awarded
1. $150 sent by PayPal or Money Order
2. Gift certificate for a two night stay at one of the following Heritage properties in New Mexico, USA (Value: up to $400):
Hotel St. Francis
Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe
Lodge at Santa Fe
Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town
Nativo Lodge
Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces
3. 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Arns Winery (Suggested Retail: $90 – Winner must be 21+ years of age)
4. Eco Friendly & Biodegradable Adventure Watch by Sprout (Suggested Retail: $30)
5. Two Natural Vines Licorice bags (one black, one red)
6. Two travel books offered from a list

1st Runner Up will be awarded
1. $100 sent by PayPal or Money Order
2. Wine Tasting for 6 at Jericho Canyon in Napa Valley, CA (Suggested Retail: $180 – Winner must be 21+ years of age)
4. One Chip Set
5. One Red Vine & One Grapevine Licorice Twists
6. Two travel books offered from a list

2nd Runner Up will be awarded
1. $75 sent by PayPal or Money Order
2. Charles Krug, Napa Valley, One bottle, Chocolate Port Wine Sauce (Value: $20 – Winner must be 21+ years of age)
3. Two Sour Punch candy snack bags
4. i1015 Pelican Adventure Case for the iPhone (Value $30)
5. Two travel books offered from a list

A collection of mostly new travel books will be offered to all winners in the form of a list – each winner will choose two (2) books starting with the grand prize winner. These books will then be mailed to a provided address.

The prize winners will be listed on the main page of Dave’s Travel Corner – with links to their winning essays listed on the Journals section of the site.

Submit by Creating Account
1. Register:
Fill out your desired username and email and then click submit. Note. Spaces in usernames are not allowed. When logged in you, you can change your “display” name to whatever you like, spaces are ok there.

2. Check your email for the login link, your login name and randomly generated password (you can change this later) or login here:

3. Once logged in you will be prompted at the top of the page to edit your profile (also change your password) – when finished click on “update profile” at the bottom of the page

4. In left hand column, click “posts” and then click “add new”

5. On the page that loads, enter the following
– Title
– Add your piece into the body (copy it in is fine)
– On far right side – choose ONE appropriate category by checking the appropriate box
– Underneath the body, fill in the following fields: A. Focus Keyword B. SEO Title and C. Meta Description – (You can add the title of your piece into all three of these boxes)

6. Click the blue button on the upper right of the page that says, “Submit for Review”. That is it! We post your piece live typically within 24 hours.

Submit Manually
Submit your stories by emailing your post along with any photos in a Microsoft Wordtm format to Editor

For manual submissions, please include your email address or some form of contact information with your submission.

We recommend a photo size no more than 600 pixels in width – and if you want the photos embedded within paragraphs we recommend a size no higher than 500 pixels in width.

Other Details
Journals may be submitted to minor grammar and editing before being posted. We encourage photos to be included with your entry(s) but a lack of photos does not factor in the contest decision making. Note that 600 pixels is the maximum width recommended for any uploaded stand alone photos or if photos are to be embedded within the content 500 pixels is the recommended maximum width. If no photos are included we may add one related photo.

NOTE: Submissions with links to commercial websites will either not be approved or the links will be removed. A link to a personal website is fine.

Any entries that are submitted and then approved for the contest will be posted on our Journals page. Once posted your essay remains your property – it will only be posted on our site.

Record your own Video! (Optional)
Record a video message to accompany your submission. Make it fun! It can be an intro about the topic of your post – it will be embedded in your post. Click to record your own, 300 seconds max. We will be notified of any video’s created.


Your essay must be submitted by July 1, 2013. Winners will be announced on Dave’s Travel Corner on August 1, 2013.


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  1. Hi. Is this contest still open for the 2014-2015 year? I see that the deadline is updated. Thank you :)

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