travel products

We have personally tested and used all of the travel related products reviewed on this site.
Some but not all of the products reviewed have been sent to us as samples.

Eagle Creek 4-Wheeled Upright

eagle-creek-carryon (2)

Eagle Creek recently reached out with some products to review - and also donated several prizes for our annual travel writing contest. I've been familiar with a number of their products for many years - one of my go to Eagle Creek products that I always take with me on International travels is my trusted money belt. I've had this for years and have worn it on all my International travels. I'm always on the lookout for durable luggage - … [Read more...]

Netgear Trek Travel Router


With Internet access often a challenge during travels around the world it was with great interest that I accepted a Netgear Trek N300 Travel Router and Range Extender when the company reached out to me. I have long been familiar with Netgear having used some of their products since the mid 1990's back when a little Internet Service Provider some friends and I own was just starting out by offering dial-up access. This particular router is … [Read more...]

Bluffworks New Generation of Pants


Bluffworks founder Stefan Loble recently reached out to me indicating he had released the next generation of the Bluffworks pants. Leaving soon after the pants arrived on an International trip lasting several months - involving a number of climatic zones and rigors of both adventure travel and urban travel - this time on the road served as the perfect testing ground for these new pants. New improvements include: - newly-designed slash … [Read more...]

Road Warrior Plug Adapter


Tired of large electrical adapters and multiple adapters - over the course of our own travels we have collected a fairly sizable plastic bag full of these trinkets. When we are on the road it might be Europe one month and Africa the next - then we have to check and see which ones to bring, which countries have which size plugs and so forth. Enter the Road Warrior, a real knight in "glossy plastic", so to speak riding in to solve all these … [Read more...]

The Sholdit: A Safe & Secure Women’s Wrap


What is in a name? If the name is "Sholdit", it is both fashion and peace of mind. At first glance, this elegant lightweight wrap for women is remarkably stylish - something to quickly put on for any of a number of activities - traveling, shopping or smart evenings out on the town. Ultimately, this is an ideal piece of clothing for those on the go. It can be worn as a infinity neck wrap, shoulder wrap, head wrap and even folds into a clutch. … [Read more...]

Speck Collection iPhone Durable Case Giveaway


Recently a representative for Speck (maker of durable cases for a number of digital devices) reached out to me. With intriguing videos of phones being dropped from odd and often high places (see the 2000 foot drop video below) I accepted their offer to send me two samples, one of which we are giving away here (see below). The Review We set aside one case for testing - building the courage to drop our iPhone on the hard rug (while enclosed in … [Read more...]