Bluffworks New Generation of Pants

photoBluffworks founder Stefan Loble recently reached out to me indicating he had released the next generation of the Bluffworks pants. Leaving soon after the pants arrived on an International trip lasting several months – involving a number of climatic zones and rigors of both adventure travel and urban travel – this time on the road served as the perfect testing ground for these new pants.

New improvements include:

– newly-designed slash pockets, giving them a more upscale look
– hidden security zipper pocket in both front and back, both big enough for your passport
– discrete side pocket for your mobile phone, so you don’t sit on it
– hidden loop to clip keys in front pocket
– they ship First Class anywhere in the world for $20
– the Bluffs are tough policy! If they ever “wear out,” they will replace them, no charge.

Some notes from the road as to why these are pants are so versatile for travelers.

They are so lightweight. They wash easily – in a sink or washing machine. Then after quickly drying – the wrinkles are at a minimum. No iron, no steam. Oh and during several long flights on my trip I had them crumbled up in the bottom of my backpack for several days at a time. Amazingly they popped out – still without wrinkles!

When you need pants for nice occasions (after becoming a bit grimy after touring all day) – these fit the bill. I wore them on the Skybar on top of the Lebua State Tower in the heart of Bangok and then continuing on to the sultry nightclub, Maggie Choos located just down the street from Lebua. Switching from backpacker to clubber never felt so comfortable!

They wear fine in hot weather and are certainly breathable – a must for when wearing in humid environments. Later in my trip I caught a flight to Darwin, Australia where I experienced rain for the first time in months. The rain made for excellent waterfall viewing at Litchfield National Park about 90km south of the city. All the swimming holes were overflowing with water – after a day of splashing around in the rain I made a 180 degree switch for an intimate dinner at Char Darwin located downtown. It was nice to have these pants all ready to go when I returned to my hotel room dirty and still soaked from the day’s activities.

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Already have a pair? The Bluffworks team enjoys seeing photos of happy clients wearing their pants. Email photos to:

And this video is worth watching, the unorthodox way that Stefan launched Bluffworks!

Photos below courtesy of Bluffworks

Trivia Questions
Win a free pair of Bluffworks. Two free giveaways. One pair of pants per unique winner. Answer ONE set of questions below – first correct answers per each set of questions are the winners.

1. What is the capital city of the Northern Territory State in Australia?
2. Name one Australian wine region.
3. What Australian city is known for its spectacular New Years Eve fireworks display?

1. What is Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city often referred to? Hint, Los Angeles is referred to as the same – “city of …..”
2. What is the largest religion in Thailand called?
3. Name the smelly fruit that is often banned in hotel rooms or not allowed on public transportation.


Road Warrior Plug Adapter

Tired of large electrical adapters and multiple adapters – over the course of our own travels we have collected a fairly sizable plastic bag full of these trinkets. When we are on the road it might be Europe one month and Africa the next – then we have to check and see which ones to bring, which countries have which size plugs and so forth.

Enter the Road Warrior, a real knight in “glossy plastic”, so to speak riding in to solve all these multiple adapter issues! We recently purchased this product for testing. It is an 8 in 1 travel adapter that is super compact and super light weight. This little device is like a puzzle – a real feat of engineering ingenuity.

Despite its compact size it works in nearly every country – South Africa being one exception. In that country you will actually need a sizable adapter due to the unique size and symmetry of the plugs. The Road Warrior comes in two pieces which when configured in its various placements creates eight unique configurations.

It was designed and imported from Japan by travelers who saw a need for a small universal adapter. It comes in several colors and includes a 3-year warranty.

To purchase, visit:




The Sholdit: A Safe & Secure Women’s Wrap

sholditWhat is in a name? If the name is “Sholdit”, it is both fashion and peace of mind. At first glance, this elegant lightweight wrap for women is remarkably stylish – something to quickly put on for any of a number of activities – traveling, shopping or smart evenings out on the town.

Ultimately, this is an ideal piece of clothing for those on the go. It can be worn as a infinity neck wrap, shoulder wrap, head wrap and even folds into a clutch.

However, regardless of how you choose to wear it, upon further glance one notices a zipper pocket.

Scarves are probably not the first place a thief is going to go to when going for valuables. There are certainly additional ways to hide valuables on oneself – a money-belt. However, the Sholdit also creatively doubles as as a place for concealing items of value.

The one pocket is decent sized and can easily hold a cell phone, passport or any number of cosmetics.

The Sholdit comes in a variety of colors from bold red to a more subtle grey.

For more information and to purchase, visit:


Speck Collection iPhone Durable Case Giveaway

Recently a representative for Speck (maker of durable cases for a number of digital devices) reached out to me. With intriguing videos of phones being dropped from odd and often high places (see the 2000 foot drop video below) I accepted their offer to send me two samples, one of which we are giving away here (see below).

The Review
We set aside one case for testing – building the courage to drop our iPhone on the hard rug (while enclosed in the Speck case). Fighting back our better judgement, we did so. But not from too high! Nothing appeared to happen – other than a few bounces. We shook the phone, we inspected it closely – it was working fine.


The Giveaway
We will send one iPhone 5 Candy Shell Grip case to the first person to correctly identify the name of the building in the photograph below and provide the current mayor’s name of this city as a comment in this post.

Here are a few hints:

This building was completed in 1928. It is located in a city often known in Spanish as “la ciudad de los √Āngeles”. On the 26th floor there are many paintings of all the mayors who ever served this major American city. There however, is sadly one major picture missing, that of a woman mayor.

City Hall

The owner of the winning comment will be sent a Candy Shell Grip for the iPhone 5 (Black/Pomodoro color).

Please post comments below.


TravelWise 3-piece Packing Cube Set

3-piece Have you been throwing things in bags all your life when packing? Loosely throwing items into a suitcase or a backpack?

Enter “packing by organization” – the TravelWise 3-piece Packing Cube Set. This set is great for organizing your items based on size. It comes in five colors and includes three lightweight pieces.

Each piece comes with a double pull zipper and breathable mesh inserts.

Great for toiletries, medical needs or simply use each one for clothing.

To buy visit,


Alegria Mens Shoe Collection

Alegria Shoes (Updated May 2013) Alegria has historically been recognized for their women’s shoes but earlier this year they released a new Men’s Collection for 2013 – featuring shoes for both professionals as well as casual footwear.

These shoes are fashionable yet highly durable – they are certainly built to last.

The sole is both cork, latex and memory foam and provides excellent comfort.

Great with jeans.

In our case, great for traveling and great for wine tasting.

And ideal for casual city play.

We recently took these shoes to the charming town of Portofino along the Italian Riviera. Opportunity presented itself along with a camera – here are a few photos from our visit.




We tested out the AM-ALE-602 Cafe/Orange under the Alex line in their new Men’s Collection. Visiting the Napa Valley in California’s wine country earlier this year on a late winter warm weekend was the perfect initial testing ground for these shoes – a bit of fashion always blends in well with the rural vineyard landscape and those from the city enjoying their weekend getaways to “wine country”.

For more selection and to purchase visit the official Alegria Shoe Collection