Our interviews focus on the travel, entertainment and lifestyle industry,
with people who are making valuable contributions in their particular fields.

Interview – Joseph Rosendo, TV Personality & Travel Journalist


Joseph has enjoyed an accomplished and lengthy career not only as a travel journalist but also in other media forms including Television, radio and the online world of broadcasting. This interview focuses on his time in the industry, advice to those interested in making a career of travel, the often trying amounts of time that go into producing a show including securing various permits, visitor/cultural activities focusing on Los Angeles and … [Read more...]

Conversation, Margaret Lehmann – Peter Lehmann Wines, Barossa Valley


Recently during a visit and exploration of the Barossa Valley in South Australia, I had the opportunity to sit down for a short chat with Margaret Lehmann at her home. She is one of Barossa's food and wine pioneers, a champion of its preservation and was an integral part of the growth of Peter Lehmann Wines. Conversation invariably was about food and wine - over a glass of Semillon from Peter Lehmann appropriately called "Margaret". With … [Read more...]

Ramona Bruland, Adventure, Lifestyle & Adventure TV Host

ramona (1)

While browsing Twitter I stumbled across Ramona's outdoor and adventure accomplishments. Discovering that she is originally from Adelaide and with a recent trip to South Australia including Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Barossa Valley still fresh in the mind - this became a timely interview. Adrenaline and outdoor junkies take note - Ramona is just as comfortable carving tracks down the side of a mountain as she is jumping out of a plane or … [Read more...]

Peter Greenberg, The Travel Detective


Peter Greenberg is one of America's foremost travel correspondents and travel experts. It is admirable what he has accomplished and done for consumers (as well as his valuable contributions within the travel industry) during the past few decades. With someone who logs 400,000 airline miles a year, he maintains a rigorous schedule that would leave most people gasping for air! He has taken time out of this busy schedule to answer a few … [Read more...]

Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom


I first met Emily at a travel meetup in Los Angeles several years ago - I was impressed by how easily public speaking comes to her and also by the fact that she has been doing something she loves for so long (she started her website way back in 1996). She continues to be the go to person for travel tips as well as a valuable resource for family related travel questions. She is much sought after as a travel expert -regularly making appearances … [Read more...]

Pilots, Amelia Rose Earhart & Patrick Carter


When we were initially made aware that Amelia Earhart was going to recreate "her" flight around the world in 2014, we thought we had scored the interview of the century. However, we quickly realized the modern day Amelia Earhart is named after the famous aviatrix. But the similarities do not end with a name - Amelia is also an accomplished pilot and is going to recreate and symbolically complete her namesake’s 1937 flight around the world. … [Read more...]

Adrian Qais: Adventure Traveller


Adrian's travels embody what we define as "experiential travel" - at its core it is traveling with an intent and openness to having experiences - in part focusing on what is unique to a particular region. And Adrian has already had enough unique experiences from his time on the road to last most people a lifetime. From being kidnapped in Africa to staying with nomadic Bedouin tribespeople in the deserts of Oman to total cultural immersion in … [Read more...]

Lynn Gilmartin: Australian Presenter and Traveler


We first stumbled upon Lynn's travel videos inadvertently while doing research for another interview. Poker, International travels, well being - yes, this looks like a great lifestyle! We thank Lynn for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this interview - at the time of this interview, she was actually in the process of moving to Los Angeles from Melbourne Australia. Q. What (or who) was your initial motivation to initially start … [Read more...]

Erden Eruç: Global Circumnavigater and Adventurer


Recently we stumbled upon adventurer Erden Eruç through the great social connector, Twitter. His story appeals to all on a number of levels. He first came up with the idea to circumnavigate the globe under human power in 1997. It was an idea but he never pursued it at the time. Then in 2002, tragically he lost his friend and global adventurer Göran Kropp while rock climbing together and Erden was inspired to do something in his honor while … [Read more...]

Yung Chang: Writer & Director


I have enjoyed fruit for as long as I can remember. My early childhood memories involve visiting Asian markets with my father - scouring the shelves for mostly canned fruit in the absence of the real thing. Over time this changed - demand increased within these communities and USA agricultural laws changed to allow the import of a wider variety of fruits. In the last 4-5 years where I live - depending on the time of year, you can now find fairly … [Read more...]