Saskatchewan, Moldovan Wine Cave & a Saskatoon Restaurant: How do they all Connect?

Ayden-Saskatoon (2)

As we descended onto the twinkling lights of Saskatoon below we flew next to a significant lightning storm. Jagged bolts of lightning lit up massive thunderheads for a moment - alternating between bright white and pink light. This lightning is the cause of hundreds of fires that are burning out of control in the northern part of the province having displaced some 13,000 people. The economy seems to be doing well here according to my driver … [Read more...]

Start Building a Bucket List For 2015. Consider these!

Yurts, Song-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

It is never to late to build your personal bucket list - creating a list of must do activities and experiences. Our motto as it relates to travel is, "do it while you can", and now is the perfect time to start planning some trips and experiences for 2015. One company, Contiki Tours offers a number of worldwide based activities and experiences for those in the 18-35 range. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Climb a Mountain - choose … [Read more...]

No Rest for the Weary – Trekking in Ala Archa, Kyrgyzstan

The beautiful Ala Archa River

Armed with a variety of informative paragraphs gleaned from Goats on the Road, A Monk Bought Lunch, Backpacking Man and Wandering Earl and not much else in the way of plans we set off to explore the beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan. After 36 hours of planes and airports I landed in the warm air and darkness of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan at 5am. Hopping into a taxi where I was treated to music from the band Abba, silence from the driver after … [Read more...]

Exploring Kokoda Papua New Guinea

kokoda-town-papaua-new-guinea (4)

Today we hiked to Kokoda - about a 50 minute walk. Our host family in Beleni village walks this every day for vegetables and fruit as that is the main method of transportation here. They said this is very short walk for them; I hate to see what a long walk would would be like! There is a concrete slab where ladies walk from nearby villages and sell mostly vegetables - small bundles are tied up neatly and are displayed on their plastic sheets. … [Read more...]

Top 3 Las Vegas Buffets Worth Checking Out – Guest Post


There are plenty of great restaurants in Las Vegas to try out during your upcoming trip, but filling up at one of the many Las Vegas hotel buffets is worth at least one meal! Actually, you might as well count that meal as “two,” since we know you won’t be calling it quits after the first plate. It’s all about indulging yourself in Las Vegas Hotels so save the guilt for the plane ride home! Las Vegas buffets are ideal for groups that can’t seem … [Read more...]

Dalian China Greetings

dalian-china (6)

Greetings from Dalian China. This and the last city we visited of Shenyang would EACH be the second largest city in all of the USA! Here is a stat to chew on that I read in the latest issue of Conde Naste Traveler, not sure if its true or not, but it read something like this, "China has 370 cities with populations of between 1 and 5 million, the United States has eight - nineteen China cities have populations of more than 10 million - more than … [Read more...]

Antiquing & Wine Tasting in Shenyang

shenyang-china (6)

Today was another fun filled day in Shenyang. The group that is hosting us owns a number of incredible antique stores - featuring some of China's finest wood furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties. A couple of pieces certainly stand out: the largest ancient sandalwood closet in all of China, an amazing large piece of amber with a million year old scorpion preserved perfectly inside, and a huge quartz crystal rock with a number of partially … [Read more...]

Shenyang Cold Weather

Shenyang, where we are currently, is considered just a small to medium sized city in China; it has a population of around 9 million people. Ummm, this would be the second largest city if it was located in the USA, behind NYC and ahead of LA! This is a very wealthy city; we counted 5 different Louis Vuitton shops, a Maserati, Ferrari and Bentley dealerships. Several streets have major name brand after name brand lined up. Cold is the name of … [Read more...]

Hanging out in North Eastern China

shenyang-china-wine (2)

I am currently in North Eastern China for some wine and tourism related fun. I'm with Sandi and John, the owners of Arns Winery and Bob and Nancy of Montagana Estate (both premium Napa wineries). We spent the day shopping around Beijing and trying to stay indoors out of the frigid cold. Headed up to Shenyang in the evening - where the temperatures are even colder than Beijing! Today we walked around Shenyang's version of Beijing's Forbidden City … [Read more...]

The Dave and Jim Show

The Dave Jim Show - Dave's Travel Corner

Jim lives in London - Dave is regularly in the UK visiting friends and sightseeing. Jim has a popular International talk show where prominent and celebrated guests often make appearances. World traveler Dave has been his most common guest so we went ahead and just changed the name of the show to: "The Dave and Jim Show". We present the show to you in short webisodes. Enjoy! Essentially Dave goes on Jim's wildly popular International travel … [Read more...]